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Special Papers




Special Papers



sold Osinski, G.R. & D.A. Kring (eds.) - Large meteorite impacts and planetary evolution. - 2015. Geological Society of America Special Paper 518; 227 pp., many fig./phot., some col. Paperback, very good, 4to. € 25



Feinberg, J.M. et al. (eds.) - Caves and karst across time. - 2016. Geological Society of America Special Paper 516; 300 pp., many fig./phot., some col. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 32



sold Mints, M.V. et al. - East European craton. Early Precambrian history and 3D models of deep crustal structure. - 2015. Geological Society of America Special Paper 510; 433 pp., many figs, many col., 1 CD-ROM loosely inserted. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 35


Fisher, T.G. & E.C. Hansen (eds.) - Coastline and dune evolution along the Great Lakes. - 2014. Geological Society of America Special Paper 508; 228 pp., many fig./phot. Paperback, very good, 4to. € 20





sold Jungsheng Nie, Brian K. Horton, and Gregory D. Hoke (eds.) -

Toward an Improved Understanding of Uplift Mechanisms and the Elevation History of the Tibetan Plateau. -

2014. Geological Society of America Special Paper 507; 153 pp.,  numerous fig./phot., some col.

Orig. illustr. covers, as new, 4to. € 20





sold Keller, G. & A.C. Kerr (eds.) - Volcanism, impacts, and mass extinctions: causes and effects. - 2014. Geological Society of America Special Paper 505; 455 pp., many figs./phot., partly col. Orig. illustr. covers, as new, 4to. € 35






Wilson, G.P. et al. (eds.) - Through the end of the Cretaceous in the type locality of the Hell Creek Formation in Montana and adjacent areas. - 2014. Geol. Soc. Amer. Spec. Paper 503; 392 pp., numerous fig./phot., in part col. Orig. illustr. wrps., as new, 4to. € 35






sold Baker, Victor R. (ed.) - Rethinking the fabric of geology. - 2013. Geological Society of America Special Paper 502; 182 pp., many figs./phot. The book is divided into four sections: 1. Philosophical aspects, 2. Geological mapping, 3. Modelling and geology, 4. Change and geology. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 20



sold Bickford, Marion E. (ed.) - The web of geological sciences. Advances, impacts, and interactions. - 2013. Geological Society of America Special Paper 500; 611 pp., many fig./phot., partly col. Paperback, very good, 4to. € 30








William I Rose, José Luis Palma, Hugo Delgado Granados and Nick Varley (eds.) -
Understanding open-vent volcanism and related hazards.
Geological Society of America Special Paper 498; 230 pp., many figs./phot., some coloured. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 25



A.L. Smith, M.J. Roobol, G.S. Mattioli, J.E. Fryxell, G.E. Daly, and L.A. Fernandez (eds.) -
The Volcanic Geology of the Mid-Arc Island of Dominica, Lesser Antilles—The Surface Expression of an Island-Arc Batholith.
Geological Society of America Special Paper 496; 249 pp., many figs./phot., 1 col. plt. with geol. map. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 20



Robert C. Speed et al. -
Geology and geomorphology of Barbados. A companion text to maps with accompanying cross sections, scale 1:10,000.
Geological Society of America Special Paper 491; 63 pp., many figs./ col. phot., 1 CD-ROM with 12 geological maps with crossections and some additional details. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 20



Jennifer L. Horwath Burnham and Donald L. Johnson (eds.) -
Mima mounds. The case for polygenesis and bioturbation.
Geological Society of America Special Paper 490; 205 pp., many figs./phot., some coloured. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 25




Weihaupt, John G., A.W. Stuart, G.G. van der Hoeven, C. Lorius & W.M. Smith -

Impossible journey. The story of the Victoria Land Traverse 1959-1960, Antarctica.

2012. Geological Society of America Special Paper 488; 136 pp. many figs. (mostly col. phot.). Paperback, very good, as new, 4to.
€ 16




Harpel, Christopher J., Shanaka de Silva & Guido Salas -
The 2 ka Eruption of Misti Volcano, Southern Peru—The Most Recent Plinian Eruption of Arequipa’s Iconic Volcano. -
2007. Geological Society of America Special Paper 484; 72 pp., many fig./phot. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 15


Garry, W.B. & J.E. Bleacher (eds.) - Analogs for planetary exploration. - 2011. Geological Society of America Special Paper 483; 567 pp., many fig./phot., partly col., 1 CD-Rom Paperback, very good, 4to. € 38





Wakabayashi, John & Yildirim Dilek (eds.) -

Mélanges. Processes of formation and societal significance. -
Geological Society of America Special Paper 480; 277 pp., many figs./phot., some col. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 22





sold Beccaluva, Luigi et al. (eds.) -

Volcanism and evolution of the African lithosphere. -

2011. Geological Society of America Special Paper 478; 331 pp., many figs./phot., some col. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 25



Ilya V. Buynevich, Valentina Yanko-Hombach, Allan S. Gilbert, and Ronald E. Martin (eds.) -
Geology and geoarchaeology of the Black Sea region: Beyond the flood hypothesis. -
2011. Geol. Soc. America, Special Paper 473; 196 pp., many fig./phot., some col.
Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 25               


sold Vezzani, Livio, A. Festa, & F.C. Ghisetti -
Geology and tectonic evolution of the central-southern Apennines, Italy. -
Geological Society of America Special Paper 469; 58 pp., 48 coloured fig./phot., 1 CD with supplementary material. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 16



Gibson, L. & W.U Reimold (eds.)

Large meteorite impacts and planetary evolution IV.

2010. Geol. Soc. Amer. Spec. Paper 465; 660 pp. numerous fig./phot. some col. Paperback, as new, 4to.

€  30


Introduction: Impact cratering and planetary studies — A fifty-year perspective - Roger L. Gibson and Wolf Uwe Reimoldvii
Solar System Impact Cratering and Numerical Modelling

1. Elliptical craters and basins on the terrestrial planets - Jeffrey C. Andrews-Hanna and Maria T. Zuber - 1

2. Central pit craters: Observations from Mars and Ganymede and implications for formation models - Nadine G. Barlow - 15

3.Basin-forming impacts: Reconnaissance modeling - B.A. Ivanov, H.J. Melosh, and E. Pierazzo - 29

4. Polygonal impact craters in the solar system: Observations and implications - T. Öhman, M. Aittola, J. Korteniemi, V.-P. Kostama, and J. Raitala - 51

5. The effects of crater degradation and target differences on the morphologies of Martian complex craters - J. Whitehead, R.A.F. Grieve, J.B. Garvin, and J.G. Spray - 67

6. Water resurge at marine-target impact craters analyzed with a combination of low-velocity impact experiments and numerical simulations - Jens Ormö, Alain Lepinette, Erik Sturkell, Maurits Lindström, Kevin R. Housen, and Keith A. Holsapple - 81
Geophysics and Remote Sensing Investigations

7.Seismic images of Chicxulub impact melt sheet and comparison with the Sudbury structure - P.J. Barton, R.A.F. Grieve, J.V. Morgan, A.T. Surendra, P.M. Vermeesch, G.L. Christeson, S.P.S. Gulick, and M.R. Warner - 103

8. Fracturing, thermal evolution and geophysical signature of the crater floor of a large impact structure: The case of the Sudbury Structure, Canada - B. Milkereit, N. Artemieva, and H. Ugalde - 115

9. Architecture of the northeastern rim of the Kârdla impact crater, Estonia, based on ground-penetrating radar studies - Argo Jõeleht and Jüri Plado - 133

10. Ries crater, Germany: The Enkingen magnetic anomaly and associated drill core SUBO 18 - Jean Pohl, Klaus Poschlod, W. Uwe Reimold, Cornelia Meyer, and Juliane Jacob - 141

11. Coarse-grained magnetites in biotite as a possible stable remanence-carrying phase in Vredefort granites - Norihiro Nakamura, Kensaku Okuno, Minoru Uehara, Tetsuya Ozawa, Lisa Tatsumi-Petrocholis, and Michael Fuller - 165

12. Cerro do Jarau, Rio Grande do Sul: A possible new impact structure in southern Brazil - Alvaro P. Crósta, Fernanda Silva Lourenço, and Gustavo Heinzelmann Priebe - 173

13. A possible new impact structure in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. - G.R.J. Cooper, S.J. Webb, R.L. Gibson, and I. Martinez - 191

14. Geophysical characteristics of four possible impact structures in the Parnaíba Basin, Brazil: Comparison and implications - Marcos Alberto R. Vasconcelos, Alvaro P. Crósta, and Eder C. Molina - 201
Impact Ejecta and Post-Impact Deposits

15. Accretionary and melt impactoclasts from the Tookoonooka impact event, Australia - Katherine A. (Treena) Bron - 219

16. Debrisites from the Sudbury impact event in Ontario, north of Lake Superior, and a new age constraint: Are they base-surge deposits or tsunami deposits? - William D. Addison, Gregory R. Brumpton, Don W. Davis, Philip W. Fralick, and Stephen A. Kissin - 245

17. Tracing the Manson impact event across the Western Interior Cretaceous Seaway - David J. Varricchio, Christian Koeberl, Russell F. Raven, Wendy S. Wolbach, William C. Elsik, and Daniel P. Miggins - 269

18.Mechanisms of late synimpact to early postimpact crater sedimentation in marine-target impact structures - H. Dypvik and E. Kalleson - 301
Drilling of Impact Structures

19.Inside the crater, outside the crater: Stratigraphic details of the margin of the Chesapeake Bay impact structure, Virginia, USA - Lucy E. Edwards, David S. Powars, J. Wright Horton Jr., Gregory S. Gohn, Jean M. Self-Trail, and Ronald J. Litwin - 319

20. Siderophile elements from the Eyreville drill cores of the Chesapeake Bay impact structure do not constrain the nature of the projectile - S. Goderis, J. Hertogen, F. Vanhaecke, and Ph. Claeys - 395

21. Melt particle characteristics of the within- and out-of-crater suevites from the Bosumtwi impact structure, Ghana: Implications for crater formation - Louise Coney, Wolf Uwe Reimold, Roger L. Gibson, Christian Koeberl, and Paula Ogilvie - 411

22. Geochemistry of basement rocks and impact breccias from the central uplift of the Bosumtwi crater, Ghana—Comparison of proximal and distal impactites - Ludovic Ferrière, Christian Koeberl, Franz Brandstätter, and Dieter Mader - 443
Field Investigations

23. The complex impact crater Jebel Waqf as Suwwan in Jordan: Effects of target heterogeneity and impact obliquity on central uplift formation - T. Kenkmann, W.U. Reimold, M. Khirfan, E. Salameh, H. Khoury, and K. Konsul - 471

24. Roter Kamm impact crater of Namibia: New data on rim structure, target rock geochemistry, ejecta, and meteorite trajectory - Roy McG. Miller - 489

25. Target and impact deposits at Rochechouart impact structure, France - P. Lambert - 509

26. The Carswell impact event, Saskatchewan, Canada: Evidence for a pre-Athabasca multiring basin? - Serge Genest, Francine Robert, and Isabelle Duhamel - 543

27. First SHRIMP U-Pb and 40Ar/39Ar chronological results from impact melt breccia from the Paleoproterozoic Dhala impact structure, India - Jayanta Kumar Pati, Fred Jourdan, Richard Austin Armstrong, Wolf Uwe Reimold, and Kuldeep Prakash - 571
Shock Deformation Phenomena and Experimental Studies

28. Relative shock effects in mixed powders of calcite, gypsum, and quartz: A calibration scheme from shock experiments - Mary Sue Bell593

29. Ballen quartz and cristobalite in impactites: New investigations - Ludovic Ferrière, Christian Koeberl, Eugen Libowitzky, W. Uwe Reimold, Ansgar Greshake, and Franz Brandstätter - 593

30. Microchemical investigation of small-scale pseudotachylitic breccias from the Archean gneiss of the Vredefort Dome, South Africa - Tanja Mohr-Westheide and Wolf Uwe Reimold - 619

31. Iron oxidation state and local structure in North American tektites - Gabriele Giuli, Sigrid Griet Eeckhout, Maria Rita Cicconi, Christian Koeberl, Giovanni Pratesi, and Eleonora Paris - 645

32. Iron reduction in silicate glass produced during the 1945 nuclear test at the Trinity site (Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA) - Gabriele Giuli, Giovanni Pratesi, Sigrid Griet Eeckhout, Christian Koeberl, and Eleonora Paris - 653




sold Stanley C. Finney and William B.N. Berry

The Ordovician earth system.

2010. Geological Society of America Special Paper 466; 193 pp., numerous fig./phot. Paperback, very good, new, 4to. € 28



sold Gropelli, Gianluca & Lothar Viereck-Goette (eds.) -
Stratigraphy and geology of volcanic areas. -
Geological Society of America Special Paper 464; 291 pp., numerous fig./phot., partly col., 1 CD-ROM with supplementary material. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to. € 25


Introduction - Gianluca Groppelli and Lothar Viereck-Goettev

1. Stratigraphic approach to geological mapping of the late Quaternary volcanic island of Lipari (Aeolian archipelago, southern Italy) - Federico Lucchi, Claudio Antonio Tranne, and Piermaria Luigi Rossi - 1

2. A new geological map of Stromboli volcano (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) based on application of lithostratigraphic and unconformity-bounded stratigraphic (UBS) units - Alessandro Tibaldi - 33

3. Application of unconformity-bounded stratigraphic (UBS) units to the geological survey of the volcanic island Ustica (Italy) - Roberto Bonomo and Valeria Ricci - 51

4. Integrated approach for the reconstruction of stratigraphy and geology of Quaternary volcanic terrains: An application to the Vulsini Volcanoes (central Italy) - D.M. Palladino, S. Simei, G. Sottili, and R. Trigila - 63

5. Revised volcanostratigraphy of the Upper Miocene to Lower Pliocene Ürgüp Formation, Central Anatolian volcanic province, Turkey - L. Viereck-Goette, P. Lepetit, A. Gürel, G. Ganskow, I. Çopurolu, and M. Abratis - 85

6. Resolving problems with the origin of Las Cañadas caldera (Tenerife, Canary Islands): Los Roques de García Formation—Part of a major debris avalanche or an in situ, stratified, edifice-building succession? - Joan Martí, Carlos Soriano, Inés Galindo, and Raymond A.F. Cas - 113

7. Ignimbrite stratigraphy and chronology on Terceira Island, Azores - Ralf Gertisser, Stephen Self, João L. Gaspar, Simon P. Kelley, Adriano Pimentel, Jost Eikenberg, Tiffany L. Barry, José M. Pacheco, Gabriela Queiroz, and Marika Vespa - 133

8. The stratigraphic signature of volcanism off Campi Flegrei (Bay of Naples, Italy) - Alfonsa Milia - 155

9. Stratigraphy and volcanological evolution of the southwestern sector of Campi Flegrei and Procida Island, Italy - Annamaria Perrotta, Claudio Scarpati, Giuseppe Luongo, and Vincenzo Morra - 171

10. Volcanological and structural evolution of the Ischia resurgent caldera (Italy) over the past 10 k.y. - Sandro de Vita, Fabio Sansivero, Giovanni Orsi, Enrica Marotta, and Monica Piochi - 193

11. 40Ar/39Ar radiometric dating to constrain the volcanic stratigraphy: The Mt. Etna methodological case - Emanuela De Beni and Gianluca Groppelli - 241

12. Geologic mapping of the Colima volcanic complex (Mexico) and implications for hazard assessment - A. Cortés, V.H. Garduño, J.L. Macías, C. Navarro-Ochoa, J.C. Komorowski, R. Saucedo, and J.C. Gavilanes - 249

13. Mapping and assessing volcanic and flood hazards and risks, with emphasis on lahars, in Arequipa, Peru - R.D. Vargas Franco, J.-C. Thouret, G. Delaite, C. van Westen, M.F. Sheridan, C. Siebe, J. Mariño, T. Souriot, and A. Stinton - 265

14. Probabilistic digital hazard maps for avalanches and massive pyroclastic flows using TITAN2D - Michael F. Sheridan, Abani K. Patra, Keith Dalbey, and Bernard Hubbard - 281



sold Koeberl, Christian & Alessandro Montanari (eds.) -
The Late Eocene Earth—Hothouse, Icehouse, and Impacts. -
2009. Geological Society of America Special Paper 452; 322 pp., numerous fig./phot. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to.
€ 35

Preface - Christian Koeberl and Alessandro Montanari       
1. - Time-scale construction and periodizing in Big History: From the Eocene-Oligocene boundary to all of the past - Walter Alvarez, Philippe Claeys, and Alessandro Montanari - 1
2. - Late Eocene impact craters and impactoclastic layers—An overview - Christian Koeberl - 17
3. - Late Eocene and late Miocene cosmic dust events: Comet showers, asteroid collisions, or lunar impacts? - K.A. Farley - 27
4. - The late Eocene clinopyroxene-bearing spherule layer: New sites, nature of the strewn field, Ir data, and discovery of coesite and shocked quartz - Shaobin Liu, B.P. Glass, Frank T. Kyte, and Steven M. Bohaty - 37
5. - A search for extraterrestrial chromite in the late Eocene Massignano section, central Italy - Birger Schmitz, Anders Cronholm, and Alessandro Montanari - 71
6. - Stable isotopic response to late Eocene extraterrestrial impacts - Aimee E. Pusz, Kenneth G. Miller, James D. Wright, Miriam E. Katz, Benjamin S. Cramer, and Dennis V. Kent - 83
7. - Late Eocene impact-induced climate and hydrological changes: Evidence from the Massignano global stratotype section and point (central Italy) - Rodolfo Coccioni, Fabrizio Frontalini, and Silvia Spezzaferri - 97
8. - Evidence for a change in Milankovitch forcing caused by extraterrestrial events at Massignano, Italy, Eocene-Oligocene boundary GSSP - Rachel E. Brown, Christian Koeberl, Alessandro Montanari, and David M. Bice - 119
9. - A critical evaluation of the numerical age of the Eocene-Oligocene boundary - Frits J. Hilgen and Klaudia F. Kuiper - 139
10. - The late Eocene greenhouse-icehouse transition: Observations from the Massignano global stratotype section and point (GSSP) - - Luigi Jovane, Rodolfo Coccioni, Andrea Marsili, and Gary Acton - 149
11. - Climate threshold at the Eocene-Oligocene transition: Antarctic ice sheet influence on ocean circulation - Kenneth G. Miller, James D. Wright, Miriam E. Katz, Bridget S. Wade, James V. Browning, Benjamin S. Cramer, and Yair Rosenthal - 169
12. - Refined correlation of the UK Late Eocene–Early Oligocene Solent Group and timing of its climate history - J.J. Hooker, S.T. Grimes, D.P. Mattey, M.E. Collinson, and N.D. Sheldon - 179
13. - Biostratigraphy and paleoclimatology of the Eocene-Oligocene boundary section at Toadstool Park, northwestern Nebraska, USA - Alessandro Zanazzi, Matthew J. Kohn, and Dennis O. Terry Jr. - 197
14. - The Australo-Antarctic Gulf and the Auversian facies shift - Brian McGowran - 215
15. - Nonmarine records of climatic change across the Eocene-Oligocene transition - Nathan D. Sheldon - 241
16. - Eocene-Oligocene transition paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental record from the Isle of Wight (UK)Nathan D. Sheldon, Ria L. Mitchell, Margaret E. Collinson, and Jerry J. Hooker - 249
17. - Eocene-Oligocene greenhouse to icehouse transition on a subtropical clastic shelf: The Jackson-Vicksburg Groups of the eastern Gulf Coastal Plain of the United States - Richard H. Fluegeman, Jeffry D. Grigsby, and John V. Hurley - 261
18. - Reshuffling the cards in the photic zone at the Eocene/Oligocene boundary - Marie-Pierre Aubry and David Bord - 279
19. - Integrated stratigraphic and astrochronologic calibration of the Eocene-Oligocene transition in the Monte Cagnero section (northeastern Apennines, Italy): A potential parastratotype for the Massignano global stratotype section and point (GSSP) - Ethan Hyland, Brandon Murphy, Phil Varela, Katie Marks, Lauren Colwell, Flavia Tori, Simonetta Monechi, Laura Cleaveland, Henk Brinkhuis, Caroline A. van Mourik, Rodolfo Coccioni, David Bice, and Alessandro Montanari - 303



Newcomb, Sally -
The world in a crucible: Laboratory prectice and geological theory at the beginning of geology. -
Geological Society of America Special Paper 449; 204 pp., many figs./phot. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to.
€ 28



Sengör, A.M. Celâl & Saniye Atayman -
The Permian Extinction and the Tethys: An Exercise in Global Geology. -
Geological Society of America Special Paper 448; 86 pp., many figs./phot. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to.
€ 15




sold Oldow, John S. & Patricia H. Cashman -
Late Cenozoic structure and evolution of the Great basin-Sierra Nevada transition. -
Geological Society of America Special Paper 447; 372 pp., many figs./phot., some col. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to.
€ 25



Quade, Jay & Jonathan G. Wynn (eds.) -
The Geology of Early Humans in the Horn of Africa.
2008. Geological Society of America Special Paper 446; 234 pp., many fig./phot. Orig. wrps., very good, as new, 4to.

€ 20

             The geology of Gona, Afar, Ethiopia - J. Quade, N.E. Levin, S.W. Simpson, R. Butler, W.C. McIntosh, S. Semaw, L. Kleinsasser, G. Dupont-Nivet, P. Renne, and N. Dunbar
2.             Stratigraphy and geochronology of the late Miocene Adu-Asa Formation at Gona, Ethiopia - L.L. Kleinsasser, J. Quade, W.C. McIntosh, N.E. Levin, S.W. Simpson, and S. Semaw
3.             Magnetostratigraphy of the eastern Hadar Basin (Ledi-Geraru research area, Ethiopia) and implications for hominin paleoenvironments - G. Dupont-Nivet, M. Sier, C.J. Campisano, J R. Arrowsmith, E. DiMaggio, K. Reed, C. Lockwood, C. Franke, and S. Hüsing
4.             Stratigraphy, depositional environments, and basin structure of the Hadar and Busidima Formations at Dikika, Ethiopia - J.G. Wynn, D.C. Roman, Z. Alemseged, D. Reed, D. Geraads, and S. Munro
5.             Composite tephrostratigraphy of the Dikika, Gona, Hadar, and Ledi-Geraru project areas, northern Awash, Ethiopia - D.C. Roman, C. Campisano, J. Quade, E. DiMaggio, J R. Arrowsmith, and C. Feibel
6.             Tephrostratigraphy of the Hadar and Busidima Formations at Hadar, Afar Depression, Ethiopia - C.J. Campisano and C.S. Feibel
7.             Correlation and stratigraphy of the BKT-2 volcanic complex in west-central Afar, Ethiopia - E.N. DiMaggio, C.J. Campisano, J R. Arrowsmith, K.E. Reed, C.C. Swisher III, and C.A. Lockwood
8.             Depositional environments and stratigraphic summary of the Pliocene Hadar Formation at Hadar, Afar Depression, Ethiopia - C.J. Campisano and C.S. Feibel
9.             Paleoenvironmental context of the Pliocene A.L. 333 “First Family” hominin locality, Hadar Formation, Ethiopia - A.K. Behrensmeyer
10.           Herbivore enamel carbon isotopic composition and the environmental context of Ardipithecus at Gona, Ethiopia - N.E. Levin, S.W. Simpson, J. Quade, T.E. Cerling, and S.R. Frost



Fielding, Christopher R., Tracy D. Frank, and John L. Isbell (eds.) -
Resolving the Late Paleozoic Ice Age in Time and Space. -
2008. Geological Society of America Special Paper 441; 354 pp., numerous fig./phot. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to.
€ 25


Preface and acknowledgments - v



1. - Gondwana paleogeography from assembly to breakup—A 500 m.y. odyssey

Ronald C. Blakey - 1


Near-Field Records

2. - A review of Permian–Carboniferous glacial deposits in Western Australia - A.J. Mory, J. Redfern, and J.R. Martin - 29

3. - Stratigraphic record and facies associations of the late Paleozoic ice age in eastern Australia (New South Wales and Queensland) - Christopher R. Fielding, Tracy D. Frank, Lauren P. Birgenheier, Michael C. Rygel, Andrew T. Jones, and John Roberts - 41

4. - Permian glacigenic deposits in the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica - John L. Isbell, Zelenda J. Koch, Gina M. Szablewski, and Paul A. Lenaker - 59

5. - Carboniferous-Permian glaciation in the main Karoo Basin, South Africa: Stratigraphy, depositional controls, and glacial dynamics. - John L. Isbell, Douglas I. Cole, and Octavian Catuneanu - 71

6. - Single-zircon U-Pb dating of Carboniferous-Permian tuffs, Namibia, and the intercontinental deglaciation cycle framework. - Harald Stollhofen, Mario Werner, Ian G. Stanistreet, and Richard A. Armstrong - 83

7. - Late Paleozoic glacial deposits of Brazil: Paraná Basin - A.C. Rocha-Campos, Paulo R. dos Santos, and José R. Canuto - 97

8. - Sequence stratigraphy and biostratigraphy of the Late Carboniferous to Early Permian glacial succession (Itararé subgroup) at the eastern-southeastern margin of the Parané Basin, Brazil - Michael Holz, Paulo A. Souza, and Roberto Iannuzzi - 115

9. - Carboniferous glacigenic deposits of the proto-Precordillera of west-central Argentina - Lindsey C. Henry, John L. Isbell, and Carlos O. Limarino - 131

10. - Pennsylvanian and Permian sequences in Bolivia: Direct responses to Gondwana glaciation - G.W. Grader, P.E. Isaacson, E. Díaz-Martínez, and M.C. Pope - 143

11. - Late Devonian and Early Carboniferous glacial records of South America - Mário Vicente Caputo, José Henrique Gonçalves de Melo, Maurice Streel, and John L. Isbell - 161

12. - A regional overview of the late Paleozoic glaciation in Oman - Joe R. Martin, Jonathan Redfern, and John F. Aitken - 175


Far-Field Records

13. - The record of Carboniferous sea-level change in low-latitude sedimentary successions from Britain and Ireland during the onset of the late Paleozoic ice age - Sarah J. Davies - 187

14. - Influence of late Paleozoic Gondwana glaciations on the depositional evolution of the northern Pangean shelf, North Greenland, Svalbard, and the Barents Sea - Lars Stemmerik - 205

15. - Late Paleozoic cyclic strata of Euramerica: Recognition of Gondwanan glacial signatures during periods of thermal subsidence - M.R. Gibling and M.C. Rygel - 219

16. - Appalachian sedimentary cycles during the Pennsylvanian: Changing influences of sea level, climate, and tectonics - Stephen F. Greb, Jack C. Pashin, Ronald L. Martino, and Cortland F. Eble - 235

17. - Deciphering the mid-Carboniferous eustatic event in the central Appalachian foreland basin, southern West Virginia, USA - Bascombe M. Blake Jr. and Jack D. Beuthin - 249

18. - Evidence for eustasy at the Kinderhookian-Osagean (Mississippian) boundary in the United States: Response to late Tournaisian glaciation? - Thomas W. Kammer and David L. Matchen - 261

19. - Pennsylvanian cyclothems in Midcontinent North America as far-field effects of waxing and waning of Gondwana ice sheets - Philip H. Heckel - 275

20. - Paleosol archives of environmental and climatic history in paleotropical western Pangea during the latest Pennsylvanian through Early Permian - Neil J. Tabor, Isabel P. Montañez, Christopher R. Scotese, Christopher J. Poulsen, and Greg H. Mack - 291


Synthesis Papers

21. - Pennsylvanian tropical floras from the United States as a record of changing climate - Hermann W. Pfefferkorn, Robert A. Gastaldo, William A. DiMichele, and Tom L. Phillips - 305

22. - A review of the palynostratigraphy of Gondwanan Late Carboniferous to Early Permian glacigene successions - Michael H. Stephenson - 317

23. - Late Paleozoic climate dynamics revealed by comparison of ice-proximal stratigraphic and ice-distal isotopic records - T.D. Frank, L.P. Birgenheier, I.P. Montañez, C.R. Fielding, and M.C. Rygel - 331

24. - The late Paleozoic ice age—A review of current understanding and synthesis of global climate patterns - Christopher R. Fielding, Tracy D. Frank, and John L. Isbell




Draut, Amy E., Peter D. Clift & David W. Scholl (eds.) -

Formation and Applications of the Sedimentary Record in Arc Collision Zones. -

2008. geological Society of America Special Paper 436; 403 pp., numerous fig./phot. Paperback, very good, as new, 4to.

€ 25


Preface - v

1. - Preservation of forearc basins during island arc–continent collision: Some insights - from the Ordovician of western Ireland - Paul D. Ryan - 1

2. - Basin formation by volcanic arc loading - Dave Waltham, Robert Hall, Helen R. Smyth, and Cynthia J. Ebinger - 11

3. - Cenozoic arc processes in Indonesia: Identification of the key influences on the - stratigraphic record in active volcanic arcs - Robert Hall and Helen R. Smyth - 27

4. - Carbonate-platform facies in volcanic-arc settings: Characteristics and controls on - deposition and stratigraphic development - Steven L. Dorobek - 55

5. - Sediment waves in the Bismarck Volcanic Arc, Papua New Guinea - Gary Hoffmann, Eli Silver, Simon Day, Eugene Morgan, Neal Driscoll, and Daniel Orange - 91

6. - The Lichi Mélange: A collision mélange formation along early arcward backthrusts - during forearc basin closure, Taiwan arc-continent collision - Chi-Yue Huang, Chih-Wei Chien, Bochu Yao, and Chung-Pai Chang - 127

7. - Oblique subduction in island arc collision setting: Unique sedimentation, accretion, - and deformation processes in the Boso TTT-type triple junction area, NW Pacific - Yujiro Ogawa, Yoshihiro Takami, and Sakiko Takazawa - 155

8. - The West Crocker formation of northwest Borneo: A Paleogene accretionary prism - Joseph J. Lambiase, Tan Yaw Tzong, Amelia G. William, Michael D. Bidgood, Patrice Brenac, - and Andrew B. Cullen - 171

9. - Temporal changes in the composition of Miocene sandstone related to collision - between the Honshu and Izu arcs, central Japan - Koichi Okuzawa and Ken-ichiro Hisada - 185

10. - Cenozoic volcanic arc history of East Java, Indonesia: The stratigraphic record - of eruptions on an active continental margin - Helen R. Smyth, Robert Hall, and Gary J. Nichols - 199

11. - New constraints on the sedimentation and uplift history of the Andaman-Nicobar - accretionary prism, South Andaman Island - R. Allen, A. Carter, Y. Najman, P.C. Bandopadhyay, H.J. Chapman, M.J. Bickle, E. Garzanti, - G. Vezzoli, S. Andò, G.L. Foster, and C. Gerring - 223

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13. - The Guerrero Composite Terrane of western Mexico: Collision and subsequent - rifting in a supra-subduction zone - E. Centeno-Garcia, M. Guerrero-Suastegui, and O. Talavera-Mendoza - 279

14. - Tectonic architecture of an arc-arc collision zone, Newfoundland Appalachians - Alexandre Zagorevski, Cees R. van Staal, Vicki McNicoll, Neil Rogers, and Pablo Valverde-Vaquero - 309

15. - The Catalina Schist: Evidence for middle Cretaceous subduction erosion of - outhwestern North America - M. Grove, G.E. Bebout, C.E. Jacobson, A.P. Barth, D.L. Kimbrough, R.L. King, Haibo Zou, - O.M. Lovera, B.J. Mahoney, and G.E. Gehrels - 335

16. - Sedimentary response to arc-continent collision, Permian, southern Mongolia - C.L. Johnson, J.A. Amory, D. Zinniker, M.A. Lamb, S.A. Graham, M. Affolter, and G. Badarch - 363

17. - Links among mountain building, surface erosion, and growth of an accretionary - prism in a subduction zone — An example from southwest Japan - Gaku Kimura, Yujin Kitamura, Asuka Yamaguchi, and Hugues Raimbourg - 391





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1.The assembly of West Gondwana—The view from the Rio de la Plata craton - Kerstin Saalmann, Léo A. Hartmann, and Marcus V.D. Remus - 1
2.Geodynamic evolution of the northwestern Paleo-Gondwanan margin in the Moroccan Atlas at the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary - Andre Pouclet, Abdellatif Aarab, Abdelilah Fekkak, and Mohammed Benharre - f27
3.The continuum between Cadomian orogenesis and opening of the Rheic Ocean: Constraints from LA-ICP-MS U-Pb zircon dating and analysis of plate-tectonic setting (Saxo-Thuringian zone, northeastern Bohemian Massif, Germany) - Ulf Linnemann, Axel Gerdes, Kerstin Drost, and Bernd Buschmann - 61
4.The Lausitz graywackes, Saxo-Thuringia, Germany—Witness to the Cadomian orogeny - Helga Kemnitz - 97
5.Paleontological data from the Early Cambrian of Germany and paleobiogeographical implications for the configuration of central Perigondwana - Olaf Elicki - 143
6.The Variscan orogeny in the Saxo-Thuringian zone—Heterogenous overprint of Cadomian/Paleozoic Peri-Gondwana crust - U. Kroner, T. Hahn, Rolf L. Romer, and Ulf Linnemann - 153
7.Far Eastern Avalonia: Its chronostratigraphic structure revealed by SHRIMP zircon ages from Upper Carboniferous to Lower Permian volcanic rocks (drill cores from Germany, Poland, and Denmark) - Christoph Breitkreuz, Allen Kennedy, Marion Geißler, Bodo-Carlo Ehling, Jürgen Kopp, Andrzej Muszynski, Aleksander Protas, and Svend Stouge - 173
8.Nd-Sr-Pb isotopic signatures of Neoproterozoic–Early Paleozoic siliciclastic rocks in response to changing geotectonic regimes: A case study from the Barrandian area (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic) - Kerstin Drost, Rolf L. Romer, Ulf Linnemann, Oldøich Fatka, Petr Kraft, and Jaroslav Marek - 191
9.The diversity and geodynamic significance of Late Cambrian (ca. 500 Ma) felsic anorogenic magmatism in the northern part of the Bohemian Massif: A review based on Sm-Nd isotope and geochemical data - Christian Pin, R. Kryza, T. Oberc-Dziedzic, S. Mazur, K. Turniak, and Jarmila Waldhausrová - 209
10.Sm-Nd isotope and trace element study of Late Proterozoic metabasalts (“spilites”) from the Central Barrandian domain (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic) - Christian Pin and Jarmila Waldhausrová - 231
11.Structural evolution of the Prague synform (Czech Republic) during Silurian times: An AMS, rock magnetism, and paleomagnetic study of the Svatý Jan pod Skalou dikes. Consequences for the nappes emplacement - Tahar Aïfa, Petr Pruner, Martin Chadima, and Petr Štorch - 249
12.Cadomian and Variscan metamorphic events in the Léon domain (Armorican Massif, France): PT data and EMP monazite dating - Bernhard Schulz, Erwin Krenn, Fritz Finger, Helene Brätz, and Reiner Klemd - 267
13.U-Pb depositional age for the upper Barrios Formation (Armorican Quartzite facies) in the Cantabrian zone of Iberia: Implications for stratigraphic correlation and paleogeography - Gabriel Gutiérrez-Alonso, Javier Fernández-Suárez, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez-Marco, Fernando Corfu, J. Brendan Murphy, and Mercedes Suárez - 287
14.Contrasting mantle sources and processes involved in a peri-Gondwanan terrane: A case study of pre-Variscan mafic intrusives from the autochthon of the Central Iberian Zone - Miguel López-Plaza, Mercedes Peinado, Francisco-Javier López-Moro, M. Dolores Rodríguez-Alonso, Asunción Carnicero, M. Piedad Franco, Juan Carlos Gonzalo, and Marina Navidad - 297

15.Tectonic evolution of the upper allochthon of the Órdenes complex (northwestern Iberian Massif): Structural constraints to a polyorogenic peri-Gondwanan terrane - Juan Gómez Barreiro, José R. Martínez Catalán, Ricardo Arenas, Pedro Castiñeiras, Jacobo Abati, Florentino Díaz García, and Jan R. Wijbrans - 315

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17.The Lower–Middle Cambrian boundary in the Mediterranean subprovince - Rodolfo Gozalo, Eladio Liñán, María Eugenia Dies Álvarez, José Antonio Gámez Vintaned, and Eduardo Mayoral - 359

18.Avalonian and Baltican terranes in the Moesian Platform (southern Europe, Romania, and Bulgaria) in the context of Caledonian terranes along the southwestern margin of the East European craton - Martin S. Oczlon, Antoneta Seghedi, and Charles W. Carrigan - 375

19.Crete and the Minoan terranes: Age constraints from U-Pb dating of detrital zircons - G. Zulauf, S.S. Romano, W. Dörr, and J. Fiala - 401

20.Geological evolution of middle to late Paleozoic rocks in the Avalon terrane of northern mainland Nova Scotia, Canadian Appalachians: A record of tectonothermal activity along the northern margin of the Rheic Ocean in the Appalachian-Caledonide orogen -
J. Brendan Murphy - 413

21.Vestige of the Rheic Ocean in North America: The Acatlán Complex of southern México - R. Damian Nance, Brent V. Miller, J. Duncan Keppie, J. Brendan Murphy, and Jaroslav Dostal - 437

22.Provenance of the Granjeno Schist, Ciudad Victoria, México: Detrital zircon U-Pb age constraints and implications for the Paleozoic paleogeography of the Rheic Ocean - R. Damian Nance, Javier Fernández-Suárez, J. Duncan Keppie, Craig Storey, and Teresa E. Jeffries - 453

23.Ordovician calc-alkaline granitoids in the Acatlán Complex, southern México: Geochemical and geochronologic data and implications for the tectonics of the Gondwanan margin of the Rheic Ocean - Brent V. Miller, Jaroslav Dostal, J. Duncan Keppie, R. Damian Nance, Amabel Ortega-Rivera, and James K.W. Lee - 465

24.Ordovician–Devonian oceanic basalts in the Cosoltepec Formation, Acatlán Complex, southern México: Vestiges of the Rheic Ocean? - J. Duncan Keppie, Jaroslav Dostal, and Mariano Elías-Herrera - 477

25.P-T-t constraints on exhumation following subduction in the Rheic Ocean from eclogitic rocks in the Acatlán Complex of southern México - Matt Middleton, J. Duncan Keppie, J. Brendan Murphy, Brent V. Miller, R. Damian Nance, Amabel Ortega-Rivera, and James K.W. Lee - 489

26.Life and death of a Cambrian–Ordovician basin: An Andean three-act play featuring Gondwana and the Arequipa-Antofalla terrane - Sven O. Egenhof - f511

27.A Late Ordovician ice sheet in South America: Evidence from the Cancañiri tillites, southern Bolivia - Frank Schönian and Sven O. Egenhoff - 525

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29.Aluminum phosphate in Proterozoic metaquartzites: Implications for the Precambrian oceanic P budget and development of life - Giulio Morteani, Dietrich Ackermand, and Jörg Trappe - 579

Index - 593




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Preface  - v

1.  - Comparison of river and beach sand composition with source rocks, Dolomite Alps drainage basins, northeastern Italy - M. Dane Picard and Earle F. McBride  - 1

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4.  - Petrography of Paleogene turbiditic sedimentation in northeastern Italy - Cristina Stefani, Massimiliano Zattin, and Paolo Grandesso  - 37

5.  - Alluvial sand composition as a tool to unravel late Quaternary sedimentation of the Modena Plain, northern Italy - Stefano Lugli, Simona Marchetti Dori, and Daniela Fontana  - 57

6.  - Geochemistry and petrography of Western Tethys Cretaceous sedimentary covers (Corsica and Northern Apennines): From source areas to configuration of margins - Laura Bracciali, Michele Marroni, Luca Pandolfi, and Sergio Rocchi  - 73

7.  - Petrographic analysis in regional geology interpretation: Case history of the Macigno (northern Apennines) - Piero Bruni, Enrico Pandeli, and Massimo Nebbiai  - 95

8.  - Interpreting siliciclastic-carbonate detrital modes in foreland basin systems: An example from Upper Miocene arenites of the central Apennines, Italy - Salvatore Critelli, E Le Pera, F Galluzzo, S Milli, M Moscatelli, S Perrotta, and M Santantonio  - 107

9.  - Interpreting gypsarenites in the Rossano basin (Calabria, Italy): A contribution to the characterization of the Messinian salinity crisis in the Mediterranean - Mirko Barone, Rocco Dominici, and Stefano Lugli  - 135

10.  - The onset of the sedimentary cycle in a mid-latitude upland environment: Weathering, pedogenesis, and geomorphic processes on plutonic rocks (Sila Massif, Calabria) - Fabio Scarciglia, Emilia Le Pera, and Salvatore Critelli  - 149

11.  - Interpreting carbonate particles in modern continental sands: An example from fluvial sands (Iberian Range, Spain) - M.E. Arribas and J. Arribas  - 167

12.  - Provenance discrimination of Lower Cretaceous synrift sandstones (eastern Iberian Chain, Spain): Constraints from detrital modes, heavy minerals, and geochemistry - M.A. Caja, R. Marfil, M. Lago, R. Salas, and K. Ramseyer  - 181

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19.  - Detrital apatite geochemistry and its application in provenance studies - Andrew Morton and Greg Yaxley  - 319

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Index  - 381





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Preface  - v

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2.  - Origin of the modern Chiapanecan volcanic arc in southern México inferred from thermal models - V.C. Manea and M. Manea  - 27

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Petrology and Geochemistry


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Geomorphology, Stratigraphy, and Eruption Dynamics


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Volcanic Hazard Studies


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Field Trip Guide


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