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Gaspar, J.L. et al. (eds.) - Volcanic geology of São Miguel Island (Azores Archipelago). - 2015. Geological Society Memoir No. 44; 309 pp., numerous fig./phot., most col. Orig. illustr. boards, as new, lg4to. [List prive GBP 95] € 75





Wadge, G. et al. - The eruption of Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat from 2000 to 2010. - 2014. Geological Society Memoir 39; 501 pp., many figs./phot. Orig. boards, new and in stock, 4to [2.2 kg]. [Listprice: GBP 125]. € 75


Eruption of Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat from 2000 to 2010





D.A.T. Harper & T. Servais -
Early Palaeozoic Biogeography and Palaeogeography. -
2014. Geological Society London Memoir 38; 490 pp., profusely illustr.
Orig. boards, new, 4to. 2.2 kg. [List price GBP 125] € 70


Early Palaeozoic Biogeography and Palaeogeography   



COPE, J. C. W. & KŘĺŽ, J. The Lower Palaeozoic palaeobiogeography of Bivalvia

AMLER, M. R. W. & ROGALLA, N. S. Biogeographical distribution patterns in Early Palaeozoic Rostroconchia (Mollusca)

ERIKSSON, M. E., HINTS, O., PAXTON, H. & TONAROVÁ , P. Ordovician and Silurian polychaete diversity and biogeography

ÁLVARO, J. J., et al.: A. Global Cambrian trilobite palaeobiogeography assessed using parsimony analysis of endemicity

ADRAIN, J. M. A synopsis of Ordovician trilobite distribution and diversity

MEIDLA, T., TINN, O., SALAS, M. J.,WILLIAMS, M., SIVETER, D., VANDENBROUCKE, T. R. A. & SABBE, K. Biogeographical patterns of Ordovician ostracods

PERRIER, V. & SIVETER, D. J. Testing Silurian palaeogeography using ‘European’ ostracod faunas

MOLYNEUX, S. G., DELABROYE, A., WICANDER, R. & SERVAIS, T. Biogeography of early to mid Palaeozoic (Cambrian–Devonian) marine phytoplankton

VANDENBROUCKE, T. R. A., ARMSTRONG, H. A.,WILLIAMS, M., PARIS, F., SABBE, K.& ZALASIEWICZ, J. A. Late Ordovician zooplankton maps and the climate of the Early Palaeozoic Icehouse

DANELIAN, T., NOBLE, P., POUILLE, L. & MALETZ, J. Palaeogeographical distribution of Ordovician Radiolarian occurrences: patterns, significance and limitations

GOLDMAN, D., MALETZ, J., MELCHIN, M. J. & JUNXUAN, F. Graptolite palaeobiogeography

KRÖGER, B. Cambrian–Ordovician cephalopod palaeogeography and diversity

ŽIGAITĖ, Ž. & BLIECK, A. Palaeobiogeography of Early Palaeozoic vertebrates

WELLMAN, C. H., STEEMANS, P. & VECOLI, M. Palaeophytogeography of Ordovician–Silurian land plants 461




Lucchi, F., A. Peccerelli et al. (eds.) -

The Aeolian Islands volcanoes. -

2013. London, Geological Society Memoir 37; 520 pp., numerous fig./phot, CD-Rom in back pocket.

Orig. illustr. boards, as new, lg4to. 2.23 kg [list price GBP 130] € 90






Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 VENTURA, G. Kinematics of the Aeolian volcanism (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) from geophysical and geological data
Chapter 3 ROMAGNOLI, C. Characteristics and morphological evolution of the Aeolian volcanoes from the study of submarine portions
Chapter 4 ROMAGNOLI, C., CASALBORE, D., BORTOLUZZI, G., BOSMAN, A., CHIOCCI, F. L. & D’ORIANO, F. Bathy-morphological setting of the Aeolian Islands
Chapter 5 LUCCHI, F. Stratigraphic methodology for the geological mapping of volcanic areas: insights from the Aeolian archipelago (southern Italy)
Chapter 6 LUCCHI, F., KELLER, J. & TRANNE, C. A. Regional stratigraphic correlations across the Aeolian archipelago (southern Italy)
Chapter 7 LUCCHI, F., PECCERILLO, A., TRANNE, C. A., ROSSI, P. L., FREZZOTTI, M. L. & DONATI, C. Volcanism, calderas and magmas of the Alicudi composite volcano (western Aeolian archipelago)
Chapter 8 LUCCHI, F., SANTO, A. P., TRANNE, C. A., PECCERILLO, A. & KELLER, J. Volcanism, magmatism, volcano-tectonics and sea-level fluctuations in the geological history of Filicudi (western Aeolian archipelago)
Chapter 9 LUCCHI, F., GERTISSER, R., KELLER, J., FORNI, F., DE ASTIS, G. & TRANNE, C. A. Eruptive history and magmatic evolution of the island of Salina (central Aeolian archipelago)
Chapter 10 FORNI, F., LUCCHI, F., PECCERILLO, A., TRANNE, C. A., ROSSI, P. L. & FREZZOTTI, M. L. Stratigraphy and geological evolution of the Lipari volcanic complex (central Aeolian archipelago)
Chapter 11 DE ASTIS, G., LUCCHI, F., DELLINO, P., LA VOLPE, L., TRANNE, C. A., FREZZOTTI, M. L. & PECCERILLO, A. Geology, volcanic history and petrology of Vulcano (central Aeolian archipelago)
Chapter 12 LUCCHI, F., TRANNE, C. A., PECCERILLO, A., KELLER, J. & ROSSI, P. L. Geological history of the Panarea volcanic group (eastern Aeolian archipelago)
Chapter 13 FRANCALANCI, L., LUCCHI, F., KELLER, J., DE ASTIS, G. & TRANNE, C. A. Eruptive, volcano-tectonic and magmatic history of the Stromboli volcano (north-eastern Aeolian archipelago)
Chapter 14 ROSI, M., PISTOLESI, M., BERTAGNINI, A., LANDI, P., POMPILIO, M. & DI ROBERTO, A. Stromboli Volcano, Aeolian Islands (Italy): present eruptive activity and hazards
Chapter 15 PECCERILLO, A., DE ASTIS, G., FARAONE, D., FORNI, F. & FREZZOTTI, M. L. Compositional variations of magmas in the Aeolian arc: implications for petrogenesis and geodynamics




Arnaud, E., G.P. Halverson & G. Shields-Zhou -

The geological record of Neoproterozoic glaciations. -

2011. London, Geological Society Memoir No. 36; 735 pp., numerous figs., some col.

Orig. illustr. boards, as new 2,8 kg. [List price GBP 180]  € 100





Introductory chapters

ARNAUD, E., HALVERSON, G. P. & SHIELDS-ZHOU, G. The geological record of Neoproterozoic ice ages 
HOFFMAN, P. F. A history of Neoproterozoic glacial geology, 1871–1997 
ARNAUD, E. & ETIENNE, J. L. Recognition of glacial influence in Neoproterozoic sedimentary successions 
HALVERSON, G. P. & SHIELDS-ZHOU, G. Chemostratigraphy and the Neoproterozoic glaciations 
HOFFMAN, P. F., MACDONALD, F. A. & HALVERSON, G. P. Chemical sediments associated with Neoproterozoic glaciation: iron formation, cap carbonate, barite and phosphorite
BAHLBURG, H. & DOBRZINSKI, N. A review of the Chemical Index of Alteration (CIA) and its application to the study of Neoproterozoic glacial deposits and climate transitions 
EVANS, D. A. D. & RAUB, T. D. Neoproterozoic glacial Palaeolatitudes: a global update 
GREY, K., HILL, A. C. & CALVER, C. Biostratigraphy and stratigraphic subdivision of Cryogenian successions of Australia in a global context 
CONDON, D. J. & BOWRING, S. A. A user’s guide to Neoproterozoic geochronology 
GODDÉRIS, Y., LE HIR, G. & DONNADIEU, Y. Modelling the snowball Earth 


SHIELDS-ZHOU, G. A., DEYNOUX, M. & OCH, L. The record of Neoproterozoic glaciation in the Taoudéni Basin, NW Africa 
MASTER, S. & WENDORFF, M. Neoproterozoic Glaciogenic Diamictites of the Katanga Supergroup, Central Africa 
TAIT, J., DELPOMDOR, F., PRÉAT, A., TACK, L., STRAATHOF, G. & NKULA, V. K. Neoproterozoic sequences of the West Congo and Lindi/Ubangi Supergroups in the Congo Craton, Central Africa
HOFFMAN, P. F. Glaciogenic and associated strata of the Otavi carbonate platform and foreslope, Northern Namibia: evidence for large base-level and glacioeustatic changes
PRAVE, A. R., HOFFMANN, K.-H., HEGENBERGER, W. & FALLICK, A. E. The Witvlei Group of East-Central Namibia 
FRIMMEL, H. E. The Chameis Gate Member, Chameis Group, Marmora Terrane, Namibia 
FRIMMEL, H. E. The Kaigas and Numees Formations, Port Nolloth Group, in South Africa and Namibia 
FRIMMEL, H. E. The Karoetjes Kop and Bloupoort Formations, Gifberg Group, South Africa

Eurasia-Nubian shield

ALLEN, P. A., RIEU, R., ETIENNE, J. L., MATTER, A. & COZZI, A. The Ayn Formation of the Mirbat Group, Dhofar, Oman
ALLEN, P. A., LEATHER, J., BRASIER, M. D., RIEU, R., MCCARRON, M., LE GUERROUE´ , E., ETIENNE, J. L. & COZZI, A. The Abu Mahara Group (Ghubrah and Fiq Formations), Jabal Akhdar, Oman
MILLER, N. R., AVIGAD, D., STERN, R. J. & BEYTH, M. The Tambien Group, Northern Ethiopia (Tigre) 
STERN, R. J., JOHNSON, P. R., ALI, K. A. & MUKHERJEE, S. K. Evidence for Early and Mid-Cryogenian glaciation in the Northern Arabian–Nubian Shield (Egypt, Sudan, and western Arabia)
CHUMAKOV, N. M. Glacial deposits of the Bokson Group, East Sayan Mountains, Buryatian Republic, Russian Federation 
CHUMAKOV, N. M. The Neoproterozoic glacial formations of the North and Middle Urals 
CHUMAKOV, N. M. Glacial deposits of the Nichatka Formation, Chara River basin and review of Upper Precambrian diamictites of Central Siberia
CHUMAKOV, N. M. Glacial deposits of the Baykonur Formation, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan 
CHUMAKOV, N. M., POKROVSKY, B. G. & MELEZHIK, V. A. The glaciogenic Bol’shoy Patom Formation, Lena River, central Siberia 
SOVETOV, J. K. Late Neoproterozoic (Vendian) glaciogenic deposits in the Marnya Formation, Oselok Group, in the foothills of the East Sayan Range, southwestern Siberian Craton
MACDONALD, F. A. The Tsagaan Oloom Formation, Southwestern Mongolia 
MACDONALD, F. A. & JONES, D. S. The Khubsugul Group, Northern Mongolia 
ETIENNE, J. L., ALLEN, P. A., LE GUERROUE´ , E., HEAMAN, L., GHOSH, S. K.& ISLAM, R. The Blaini Formation of the Lesser Himalaya, NW India 
ZHANG, Q.-R., CHU, X.-L. & FENG, L.-J. Neoproterozoic glacial records in the Yangtze Region, China 
ZHU, M. & WANG, H. Neoproterozoic glaciogenic diamictites of the Tarim Block, NW China 

North America

MACDONALD, F. A. The Hula Hula Diamictite and Katakturuk Dolomite, Arctic Alaska 
MACDONALD, F. A. & COHEN, P. A. The Tatonduk inlier, Alaska-Yukon border 

HOFFMAN, P. F. & HALVERSON, G. P. Neoproterozoic glacial record in the Mackenzie Mountains, northern Canadian Cordillera 
SMITH, M. D., ARNAUD, E., ARNOTT, R. W. C. (Bill) & ROSS, G. M. The Record of Neoproterozoic Glaciations in the Windermere Supergroup, southern Canadian Cordillera
LINK, P. K. & CHRISTIE-BLICK, N. Neoproterozoic strata of Southeastern Idaho and Utah: record of Cryogenian rifting and glaciation 
LUND, K., ALEINIKOFF, J. N. & EVANS, K. V. The Edwardsburg Formation and related rocks, Windermere Supergroup, central Idaho, USA 
MROFKA, D. & KENNEDY, M. The Kingston Peak Formation in the eastern Death Valley Region 
PETTERSON, R., PRAVE, A. R. & WERNICKE, B. P. Glaciogenic and related strata of the Neoproterozoic Kingston Peak Formation in the Panamint Range, Death Valley Region, California
CARTO, S. L. & EYLES, N. The deep-marine glaciogenic Gaskiers Formation, Newfoundland, Canada 
CARTO, S. L. & EYLES, N. The Squantum Member of the Boston Basin, Massachusetts, USA 

South America

CHEW, D. & KIRKLAND, C. The Chiquerío Formation, southern Peru 
ALVARENGA, C. J. S., BOGGIANI, P. C., BABINSKI, M., DARDENNE, M. A., FIGUEIREDO, M. F., DANTAS, E. L., UHLEIN, A., SANTOS, R. V.,SIAL, A. N. & TROMPETTE, R. Glacially influenced sedimentation of the Puga Formation, Cuiabá Group and Jacadigo Group, and associated carbonates of the Araras and Corumbá groups, Paraguay Belt, Brazil
FIGUEIREDO, M. F., BABINSKI, M. & ALVARENGA, C. J. S. The Serra Azul Formation, Paraguay Belt, Brazil 
GUIMARÄES, J. T., MISI, A., PEDREIRA, A. J. & DOMINGUEZ, J. M. L. The Bebedouro Formation, Una Group, Bahia (Brazil) 
MISI, A., KAUFMAN, A. J., AZMY, K., DARDENNE, M. A., SIAL, A. N. & DE OLIVEIRA, T. F. Neoproterozoic successions of the São Francisco
Craton, Brazil: The Bambuí, Una, Vazante and Vaza Barris/Miaba groups and their glaciogenic deposits
PEDROSA-SOARES, A. C., BABINSKI, M., NOCE, C., MARTINS, M., QUEIROGA, G. & VILELA, F. The Neoproterozoic Macau´bas Group (Arac¸ua?´ orogen, SE Brazil) with emphasis on the diamictite formations
ROCHA-CAMPOS, A. C., DE BRITO NEVES, B. B., BABINSKI, M., DOS SANTOS, P. R., DE OLIVEIRA, S. M. B. & ROMANO, A. Moema Laminites: a newly recognized Neoproterozoic (?) glaciogenic unit São Francisco Basin, Brazil
UHLEIN, A., ALVARENGA, C. J. S., DARDENNE, M. A. & TROMPETTE, R. R. The Glaciogenic Jequitaí Formation, Southeastern Brazil 
PAZOS, P. J., RAPALINI, A. E., BETTUCCI, L. S. & TÓFALO, O. R. The Playa Hermosa Formation, Playa Verde Basin, Uruguay
PECOITS, E., GINGRAS, M. K. & KONHAUSER, K. O. Las Ventanas and San Carlos formations, Maldonado Group, Uruguay 
PAZOS, P. J. & RAPALINI, A. The controversial stratigraphy of the glacial deposits in the Tandilia System, Argentina 


HALVERSON, G. P. Glacial sediments and associated strata of The Polarisbreen Group, Northeastern Svalbard 
STOUGE, S., CHRISTIANSEN, J. L., HARPER, D. A. T., HOUMARK-NIELSEN, M., KRISTIANSEN, K., MACNIOCAILL, C. & BUCHARDT-WESTERGÅRD, B. Neoproterozoic (Cryogenian–Ediacaran) deposits in North-East Greenland
RICE, A. H. N., EDWARDS, M. B., HANSEN, T. A., ARNAUD, E. & HALVERSON, G. P. Glaciogenic rocks of the Neoproterozoic Smalfjord and Mortensnes Formations, Vestertana Group, E. Finnmark, Norway
STODT, F., RICE, A. H. N., BJÖRKLUND, L., BAX, G., HALVERSON, G. P. & PHARAOH, T. C. Evidence of late Neoproterozoic glaciation in the Caledonides of NW Scandinavia
NYSTUEN, J. P. & LAMMINEN, J. T. Neoproterozoic glaciation of South Norway: from continental interior to rift and pericratonic basins in western Baltica
KUMPULAINEN, R. A. & GREILING, R. O. Evidence for late Neoproterozoic glaciation in the central Scandinavian Caledonides
KUMPULAINEN, R. A. The Neoproterozoic glaciogenic Lillfjället Formation, southern Swedish Caledonides 
ARNAUD, E. & FAIRCHILD, I. J. The Port Askaig Formation, Dalradian Supergroup, Scotland 

PRAVE, A. R. & FALLICK, A. E. The Neoproterozoic glaciogenic deposits of Scotland and Ireland 


CALVER, C. R. Neoproterozoic glacial deposits of Tasmania 
CORKERON, M. Neoproterozoic Glacial Deposits of the Kimberly Region and northwestern Northern Territory, Australia 
GOSTIN, V. A., MCKIRDY, D. M., WEBSTER, L. J. & WILLIAMS, G. E. Mid-Ediacaran ice-rafting in the Adelaide Geosyncline and Officer Basin, South Australia
HILL, A. C., HAINES, P. W. & GREY, K. Neoproterozoic glacial deposits of central Australia
JENKINS, R. J. F. Billy Springs Glaciation, South Australia 
PREISS, W. V., GOSTIN, V. A., MCKIRDY, D. M., ASHLEY, P. M., WILLIAMS, G. E. & SCHMIDT, P. W. The glacial succession of Sturtian age in South Australia – the Yudnamutana Subgroup
WILLIAMS, G. E., GOSTIN, V. A., MCKIRDY, D. M., PREISS, W. V. & SCHMIDT, P. W. The Elatina glaciation (late Cryogenian), South Australia 




sold Gee, D.G. & R.A. Stephenson (eds.) - European lithosphere dynamics. - 2006. London, Geological Society Memoir 32; 662 pp., many figs., partly col. Orig. illustr. boards, name stamp on first endpaper, very good, lg4to. € 50






Barber, A.J. et al. - Sumatra. Geology, resources and tectonic evolution. - 2005. Geological Society Memoir 31; 290 pp., numerous figs., 2 fold-out plts. with col. geol. maps. Orig. boards, lg4to, new. € 68







Stow, D.A.V. et al. - Deep-water contorite systems: Modern drifts and ancient series, seismic and sedimentary characteristics. - 2002. London, Geological Society Memoir No. 22; 464 pp., numerous figs./phot., partly col., 2 folding-out. Orig. illustr. boards, handwritten name on first endpaper, otherwise hardly any traces of use, very good, 1,8 kg. [List price GBP 130]  € 45

Deep-Water Contourites Systems: Modern Drifts and Ancient Series, Seismic and Sedimentary Characteristics






Special Publications



Parise, M., F. Gabrowsek, G. Kaufmann & N. Ravbar (eds.) - Advances in karst research: Theory, Fieldwork and Applications. - 2018. London, Geol. Soc. Spec. Publ. 466; 486 pp., numerous fig./phot., many col. Orig. boards, new. [Listprice GBP 120] € 65




Németh, K. et al. (eds.) - Monogenetic volcanism. - 2017. Geological Society Special Publication 446; 382 pp., numerous fig./phot., many col. Orig. illustr. boards, new. [List price GBP 110] € 60

Monogenetic Volcanism



Wright, T.J. et al. (eds.) - Magmatic rifting and active volcanism. - 2016. Geological Society Special Publication 420; 374 pp., numerous fig./phot., many col. Orig. illustr. boards, new. [List price GBP 120] € 60

Magmatic Rifting and Active Volcanism





Schulmann, K., J.R. Martínez Catalán et al. (eds.) - The Variscan orogeny. Extent, timescale and the formation of the European crust. - 2014. London, Geol. Soc. Spec. Publ. 405; 406 pp., numerous fig./phot., many col. Orig. boards, new. [Listprice GBP 120] € 65



Variscan Orogeny, The: Extent, Timescale and the Formation of the European Crust


SCHULMANN, K., MARTÍNEZ CATALÁN, J. R., LARDEAUX, J. M., JANOUŠEK, V. & OGGIANO, G. The Variscan orogeny: extent, timescale and the formation of the European crust

LARDEAUX, J. M., SCHULMANN, K., FAURE, M., JANOUŠEK, V., LEXA, O., SKRZYPEK, E., EDEL, J. B. & ŠTÍPSKÁ, P. The Moldanubian Zone in the French Massif Central, Vosges/Schwarzwald and Bohemian Massif revisited: differences and similarities

SKRZYPEK, E., SCHULMANN, K., TABAUD, A.-S. & EDEL, J.-B. Palaeozoic evolution of the Variscan Vosges Mountains

BALLÈVRE, M., MARTÍNEZ CATALÁN, J. R., LÓPEZ-CARMONA, A., PITRA, P., ABATI, J., FERNÁNDEZ, R. D., DUCASSOU, C., ARENAS, R., BOSSE, V., CASTIÑEIRAS, P., FERNÁNDEZ-SUÁREZ, J., GÓMEZ BARREIRO, J., PAQUETTE, J.-L., PEUCAT, J.-J., POUJOL, M., RUFFET, G. & SÁNCHEZ MARTÍNEZ, S. Correlation of the nappe stack in the Ibero-Armorican arc across the Bay of Biscay: a joint French–Spanish project

DIAS DA SILVA, Í., VALVERDE-VAQUERO, P., GONZÁLEZ-CLAVIJO, E., DÍEZ-MONTES, A. & MARTÍNEZ CATALÁN, J. R. Structural and stratigraphical significance of U–Pb ages from the Mora and Saldanha volcanic complexes (NE Portugal, Iberian Variscides)

DUCASSOU, C., POUJOL, M., RUFFET, G., BRUGUIER, O. & BALLÈVRE, M. Relief variation and erosion of the Variscan belt: detrital geochronology of the Palaeozoic sediments from the Mauges Unit (Armorican Massif, France)

ŽÁK, J., VERNER, K., JANOUŠEK, V., HOLUB, F. V., KACHLÍK, V., FINGER, F., HAJNÁ, J., TOMEK, F., VONDROVIC, L. & TRUBAČ, J. A plate-kinematic model for the assembly of the Bohemian Massif constrained by structural relationships around granitoid plutons

TABAUD, A.-S., WHITECHURCH, H., ROSSI, P., SCHULMANN, K., GUERROT, C. & COCHERIE, A. Devonian–Permian magmatic pulses in the northern Vosges Mountains (NE France): result of continuous subduction of the Rhenohercynian Ocean and Avalonian passive margin

MARTÍNEZ CATALÁN, J. R., RUBIO PASCUAL, F. J., MONTES, A. D., FERNÁNDEZ, R. D., BARREIRO, J. G., DIAS DA SILVA, Í., CLAVIJO, E. G., AYARZA, P. & ALCOCK, J. E. The late Variscan HT/LP metamorphic event in NW and Central Iberia: relationships to crustal thickening, extension, orocline development and crustal evolution

CARRERAS, J. & DRUGUET, E. Framing the tectonic regime of the NE Iberian Variscan segment

DENÈLE, Y., LAUMONIER, B., PAQUETTE, J.-L., OLIVIER, P., GLEIZES, G. & BARBEY, P. Timing of granite emplacement, crustal flow and gneiss dome formation in the Variscan segment of the Pyrenees

FAURE, M., COCHERIE, A., GACHÉ, J., ESNAULT, C., GUERROT, C., ROSSI, P., WEI, L. & QIULI, L. Middle Carboniferous intracontinental subduction in the Outer Zone of the Variscan Belt (Montagne Noire Axial Zone, French Massif Central): multimethod geochronological approach of polyphase metamorphism

SCHNEIDER, J., CORSINI, M., REVERSO-PEILA, A. & LARDEAUX, J.-M. Thermal and mechanical evolution of an orogenic wedge during Variscan collision: an example in the Maures–Tanneron Massif (SE France)

EDEL, J.-B., CASINI, L., OGGIANO, G., ROSSI, P. & SCHULMANN, K. Early Permian 90° clockwise rotation of the Maures–Estérel–Corsica–Sardinia block confirmed by new palaeomagnetic data and followed by a Triassic 60° clockwise rotation

SPALLA, M. I., ZANONI, D., MAROTTA, A. M., REBAY, G., RODA, M., ZUCALI, M. & GOSSO, G. The transition from Variscan collision to continental break-up in the Alps: insights from the comparison between natural data and numerical model predictions


Platz, T. et al. (eds.) - Volcanism and Tectonism across the Inner Solar System. - 2015  Geological Society Special Publication 401; 448 pp., many fig./phot., some col. Orig. illustr. boards, new. [List price GBP 130]. € 65 





I.P. Martini and H.R. Wanless (eds.) - Sedimentary Coastal Zones from High to Low Latitudes: Similarities and Differences. - 2014. London, Geol. Soc. Spec. Publ. 388; 600 pp., numerous fig./phot., many col. Orig. illustr. boards, new. [Listprice GBP 140]. € 75


Sedimentary Coastal Zones from High to Low Latitudes: Similarities and Differences



Part One – Introduction and Worldwide Reviews

Martini, I. P. General considerations and highlights of low-lying coastal zones: passive continental margins from the poles to the tropics

Kelletat, D. H., Scheffers, A.M. & May, S. M. Coastal environments from polar regions to the tropics: a geographer’s zonality perspective

Urban-Malinga, B. Meiobenthos in marine coastal sediments

Mulrennan, M. E. On the edge: a consideration of the adaptive capacity of Indigenous Peoples in coastal zones from the Arctic to the Tropics

Part Two – Arctic and Subarctic Coasts

Overduin, P. P., Strzelecki, M. C., Grigoriev, M. N., Couture, N., Lantuit, H., St-Hilaire-Gravel, D., Günther, F. & Wetterich, S. Coastal changes in the Arctic

Forbes, D. L., Manson, G. K., Whalen, D. J. R., Couture, N. J. & Hill, P. R. Coastal products of marine transgression in cold-temperate and high-latitude coastal-plain settings: Gulf of St Lawrence and Beaufort Sea

Martini, I. P. & Morrison, R. I. G. Coasts of Foxe Basin, Arctic Canada

Ruz, M.-H. & Hesp, P. A. Geomorphology of high-latitude coastal dunes: a review


Part Three – Temperate Coastal Zones

Temperate cold/cool

Johnston, J. W., Thompson, T. A. & Wilcox, D. A. Palaeohydrographic reconstructions from strandplains of beach ridges in the Laurentian Great Lakes

Dashtgard, S. E., Pearson, N. J. & Gingras, M. K. Sedimentology, ichnology, ecology and anthropogenic modification of muddy tidal flats in a cold-temperate environment: Chignecto Bay, Canada

Hein, C. J., FitzGerald, D. M., Buynevich, I. V., Van Heteren, S. & Kelley, J. T. Evolution of paraglacial coasts in response to changes in fluvial sediment supply

Bujalesky, G. G., González Bonorino, G. & Abascal, L. Holocene coastal environments and processes in subantarctic/temperate cold Tierra del Fuego, Argentina-Chile

Temperate warm

Colombo, F., Serra, J. & Rivero, L. Río de la Plata inner estuary (Argentina): main forms, sedimentary infill and Holocene evolution

Dillenburg, S. R. & Barboza, E. G. The strike-fed sandy coast of Southern Brazil

Roberts, D., Cawthra, H. & Musekiwa, C. Dynamics of late Cenozoic aeolian deposition along the South African coast: a record of evolving climate and ecosystems

Short, A. D. Australia’s temperate carbonate coast: sources, depositional environments and implications

Costas, S., Brito, P., FitzGerald, D. & Goble, R. Climate-driven episodes of dune mobilization and barrier growth along the central coast of Portugal

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Anzidei, M., Lambeck, K., Antonioli, F., Furlani, S., Mastronuzzi, G., Serpelloni, E. & Vannucci, G. Coastal structure, sea-level changes and vertical motion of the land in the Mediterranean


Part Four – Subtropical to Tropical Coastal Zones

Wallace, D. J.,Woodruff, J. D., Anderson, J. B. & Donnelly, J. P. Palaeohurricane reconstructions from sedimentary archives along the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and western North Atlantic Ocean margins

Scheffers, A. M., Engel, M., May, S. M., Scheffers, S. R., Joannes-Boyau, R., Hänssler, E., Kennedy, K., Kelletat, D., Brückner, H., Vött, A., Schellmann, G., Schäbitz, F., Radtke, U., Sommer, B., Willershäuser, T. & Felis, T. Potential and limits of combining studies of coarse- and fine-grained sediments for the coastal event history of a Caribbean carbonate environment

Anthony, E. J., Gardel, A. & Gratiot, N. Fluvial sediment supply, mud banks, cheniers and the morphodynamics of the coast of South America between the Amazon and Orinoco river mouths

Billeaud, I., Caline, B., Livas, B., Tessier, B., Davaud, E., Frebourg, G., Hasler, C.-A., Laurier, D. & Pabian-Goyheneche, C. The carbonate-evaporite lagoon of Al Dakhirah (Qatar): an example of a modern depositional model controlled by longshore transport






Nesbitt, S.J., J.B. Desojo & R.B. Irmis (eds.) - Anatomy, phylogeny and palaeobiology of early archosaurs and their kin. - 2013. London, Geological Society Special Publication 379; 608 pp., numerous fig./phot, some col. Orig. illustr. boards, new. [list price GBP 150] € 75


Anatomy, Phylogeny and Palaeobiology of Early Archosaurs and their Kin



Participants from the First Symposium of Early Archosaur Evolution
NESBITT, S. J., DESOJO, J. B. & IRMIS, R. B. Anatomy, phylogeny and palaeobiology of early archosaurs and their kin
EZCURRA, M. D., BUTLER, R. J. & GOWER, D. J. ‘Proterosuchia’: the origin and early history of Archosauriformes
SOOKIAS, R. B. & BUTLER, R. J. Euparkeriidae
SUES, H.-D., DESOJO, J. B. & EZCURRA, M. D. Doswelliidae: a clade of unusual armoured archosauriforms from the Middle and Late Triassic
TROTTEYN, M. J., ARCUCCI, A. B. & RAUGUST, T. Proterochampsia: an endemic archosauriform clade from South America
STOCKER, M. R. & BUTLER, R. J. Phytosauria
DALLA VECCHIA, F.M. Triassic pterosaurs
LANGER, M. C., NESBITT, S. J., BITTENCOURT, J. S. & IRMIS, R. B. Non-dinosaurian Dinosauromorpha
VON BACZKO, M. B. & EZCURRA, M. D. Ornithosuchidae: a group of Triassic archosaurs with a unique ankle joint
DESOJO, J. B., HECKERT, A. B., MARTZ, J. W., PARKER, W. G., SCHOCH, R. R., SMALL, B. J. & SULEJ, T. Aetosauria: a clade of armoured pseudosuchians from the Upper Triassic continental beds
IRMIS, R. B., NESBITT, S. J. & SUES, H.-D. Early Crocodylomorpha
RAUGUST, T., LACERDA, M. & SCHULTZ, C. L. The first occurrence of Chanaresuchus bonapartei Romer 1971 (Archosauriformes, Proterochampsia) of the Middle Triassic of Brazil from the Santacruzodon Assemblage Zone, Santa Maria Formation (Paraná Basin)
NIEDŹWIEDZKI, G., BRUSATTE, S. L. & BUTLER, R. J. Prorotodactylus and Rotodactylus tracks: an ichnological record of dinosauromorphs from the Early–Middle Triassic of Poland
LANGER, M. C. & FERIGOLO, J. The Late Triassic dinosauromorph Sacisaurus agudoensis (Caturrita Formation; Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil): anatomy and affinities
SMALL, B. J. & MARTZ, J. W. A new aetosaur from the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation of the Eagle Basin, Colorado, USA
TABORDA, J. R. A., CERDA, I. A. & DESOJO, J. B. Growth curve of Aetosauroides scagliai Casamiquela 1960 (Pseudosuchia: Aetosauria) inferred from osteoderm histology
MASTRANTONIO, B. M., SCHULTZ, C. L., DESOJO, J. B. & GARCIA, J. B. The braincase of Prestosuchus chiniquensis (Archosauria: Suchia)
LIPARINI, A. & SCHULTZ, C. L. A reconstruction of the thigh musculature of the extinct pseudosuchian Prestosuchus chiniquensis from the Dinodontosaurus Assemblage Zone (Middle Triassic Epoch), Santa Maria 1 Sequence, southern Brazil
DE FRANçA, M. A. G., LANGER, M. C. & FERIGOLO, J. The skull anatomy of Decuriasuchus quartacolonia (Pseudosuchia: Suchia: Loricata) from the middle Triassic of Brazil
PARKER, W. G. & NESBITT, S. J. Cranial remains of Poposaurus gracilis (Pseudosuchia: Poposauroidea) from the Upper Triassic, the distribution of the taxon, and its implications for poposauroid evolution
WEINBAUM, J. C. Postcranial skeleton of Postosuchus kirkpatricki (Archosauria: Paracrocodylomorpha), from the Upper Triassic of the United States
HOLLIDAY, C. M. & NESBITT, S. J. Morphology and diversity of the mandibular symphysis of archosauriforms
TURNER, A. H. & NESBITT, S. J. Body size evolution during the Triassic archosauriform radiation



Gąsiewicz, A. & M. Słowakiewicz (eds.) - Palaeozoic Climate Cycles: Their Evolutionary and Sedimentological Impact. - 2014. London, Geol. Soc. Spec. Publ. 376; 586 pp., numerous figs./phot., many col. Orig. boards, new and in stock. [Listprice GBP 140]. € 75.


Palaeozoic Climate Cycles: Their Evolutionary and Sedimentological Impact 

This volume presents results of a variety of case studies documenting the Late Palaeozoic climate changes and cyclicity of deposition. The collected papers cover many aspects related to palaeoenvironmental analysis with sedimentological, stratigraphic, palaeobiological, geochemical, and palaeomagnetic studies of the fossil record around the Late Palaeozoic Ice Age and soon after. They span a stratigraphic interval from Carboniferous to Permian–Triassic transition around the world.

This book comprising results for a range of disciplines, is a valuable source for not only researchers who are actively working on specific aspects of the Late Palaeozoic and looking for an up-to-date reference on this inhospitable time in the Earth's history. It is also of interest to climate modellers and the wider scientific community with an interest in the latest research on the decline of the Palaeozoic World.




GĄSIEWICZ, A. & SŁOWAKIEWICZ, M. Late Palaeozoic environmental changes: an introduction  From Late Carboniferous to Early Triassic record

WOPFNER, H. Late Palaeozoic–Early Triassic deposition and climates between Samfrau and Tethys: A review

WANG, X., QIE, W., SHENG, Q., QI, Y., WANG, Y., LIAO, Z., SHEN, S. & UENO, K. Carboniferous and Lower Permian sedimentological cycles and biotic events of South China

ZUBIN-STATHOPOULOS, K. D., BEAUCHAMP, B., DAVYDOV, V. I. & HENDERSON, C. M. Variability of Pennsylvanian–Permian Carbonate Associations and implications for NW Pangea Palaeogeography, east-central British Columbia, Canada

SZURLIES, M. Late Permian (Zechstein) magnetostratigraphy in Western and Central Europe Case studies: Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous crisis

BOJAR, A.-V., NEUBAUER, F. & KOEBERL, C. Geochemical record of Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous events, Palaeozoic of Graz, Eastern Alps, Austria Case studies: Late Carboniferous to Early Permian palaeoenvironmental perturbations

DINEEN, A. A., FRAISER, M. L. & ISBELL, J. L. Palaeoecology and sedimentology of Carboniferous glacial and post-glacial successions in the Paganzo and Río Blanco basins of northwestern Argentina

WAKSMUNDZKA, M. I. Carboniferous coarsening-upward and non-gradational cyclothems in the Lublin Basin (SE Poland): palaeoclimatic implications

GEBHARDT, U. & HIETE, M. Continental Upper Carboniferous red beds in the Variscan intermontane Saale Basin, central Germany: orbital forcing detected by wavelet analysis

TABOR, N. J., ROMANCHOCK, C. M., LOOY, C. V., HOTTON, C. L., DIMICHELE, W. A. & CHANEY, D. S. Conservatism of Late Pennsylvanian vegetational patterns during short-term cyclic and long-term directional environmental change, western equatorial Pangea

UENO, K., HAYAKAWA, N., NAKAZAWA, T., WANG, Y. & WANG, X. Pennsylvanian–Early Permian cyclothemic succession on the Yangtze Carbonate Platform, South China

HANKEN, N.-M. & NIELSEN, J. K. Upper Carboniferous–Lower Permian Palaeoaplysina build-ups on Svalbard: the influence of climate, salinity and sea-level

ISBELL, J. L., HENRY, L. C., REID, C. M. & FRAISER, M. L. Sedimentology and palaeoecology of lonestone-bearing mixed clastic rocks and cold-water carbonates of the Lower Permian Basal Beds at Fossil Cliffs, Maria Island, Tasmania (Australia): Insight into the initial decline of the late Palaeozoic ice age

KOSSOVAYA, O., VACHARD, D. & IZART, A. Climatic impact on the reef biota in the Cisuralian and Guadalupian (Permian), East European Platform Case studies: Middle to Late Permian palaeoclimatic impacts

LAYA, J. C., TUCKER, M. E., GRÖCKE, D. R. & PEREZ-HUERTA, A. Carbon, oxygen and strontium isotopic composition of low-latitude Permian carbonates (Venezuelan Andes): climate proxies of tropical Pangea

NIELSEN, J. K., BŁAŻEJOWSKI, B., GIESZCZ, P. & NIELSEN, J. K. Carbon and oxygen isotope records of Permian brachiopods from relatively low and high palaeolatitudes: climatic seasonality and evaporation

KOSSOVAYA, O. L. & KROPATCHEVA, G. S. Extinction of Guadalupian rugose corals: an example of biotic response to the Kamura event (southern Primorye, Russia)

KIERSNOWSKI, H. Late Permian aeolian sand seas from the Polish Upper Rotliegend Basin in the context of palaeoclimatic periodicity

CZAPOWSKI, G. & TOMASSI-MORAWIEC, H. Palaeogeographic and palaeoclimate factors of salinity fluctuations in the eastern part of the Late Permian (Zechstein) European Basin: case study from the salt basin in Poland

GĄSIEWICZ, A. Climatic control on the Late Permian Main Dolomite (Ca2) deposition in northern margin of the Southern Permian Basin and implications to its internal cyclicity

SŁOWAKIEWICZ, M. & GĄSIEWICZ, A. Palaeoclimatic imprint, distribution and genesis of Zechstein Main Dolomite (Upper Permian) petroleum source rocks in Poland: Sedimentological and geochemical rationales Case studies: Permian-Triassic transition

FIO, K., SREMAC, J., VLAHOVIĆ, I., VELIĆ, I. & SPANGENBERG, J. E. Permian deposits and the Permian–Triassic boundary in Croatia: palaeoclimatic implications based on palaeontological and geochemical data

HIETE, M., RÖHLING, H.-G., HEUNISCH, C. & BERNER, U. Facies and climate changes across the Permian–Triassic boundary in the North German Basin: insights from a high-resolution organic carbon isotope record




sold Duffin, C.J. et al. (eds.) -

A history of geology and medicine. -

2013. Geological Society Special Publication 375; 490 pp., numerous fig./phot., some col. Orig. illustr. boards, new and in stock. [List price GBP 125]

€ 65




DUFFIN, C. J. The gem electuary
MACGREGOR, A. Medicinal terra sigillata: a historical, geographical and typological review
ROLFE, W. D. I. Materia medica in the seventeenth-century Paper Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo
DUFFIN, C. J. History of the pharmaceutical use of pumice
CONSOLE, R. Pharmaceutical use of gold from antiquity to the seventeenth century
BARROSO, M. D. S. Bezoar stones, magic, science and art
DUFFIN, C. J. Some early eighteenth century geological Materia Medica
ALIVERTI, M. Religiosity and magic in some lithoiatric practices of European folk medicine
MATHER, J. D. Britain’s spa heritage: a hydrogeological appraisal
ROBINS, N. S. & SMEDLEY, P. L. Groundwater – Medicine by the Glassful?
PEARN, J. H. & GARDNER-THORPE, C. Sunday Stone: an enduring metaphor of mining diseases and underground mining conditions
BERGMAN, B. P. The influence of geology in the development of public health
BEK-THOMSEN, J. From flesh to fossils – Nicolaus Steno’s anatomy of the Earth
HOCH, E. Diagnosing fossilization in the Nordic Renaissance: an investigation into the correspondence of Ole Worm (1588–1654)
GARDNER-THORPE, C. Education forms the tender mind
LEWIS, C. James Parkinson’s ‘system of successive creations’
LISTON, J. J. From obstetrics to oryctology: inside the mind of William Hunter (1718–1783)
WILSON, L. G. John Jeremiah Bigsby, MD: British Army physician and pioneer North American geologist
HULL, G. C. Five eighteenth-century medical polymaths
WILLS, S. John Whitaker Hulke, surgeon and palaeontologist
MARTILL, D. M. & POINTON, T. Dr Arthur Conan Doyle’s contribution to the popularity of pterodactyls
ANGETTER, D. C., HUBMANN, B. & SEIDL, J. Physicians and their contribution to the early history of earth sciences in Austria
GULY, H. Medical geologists during the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration
PORRO, A., CRISTINI, C., FALCONI, B., FRANCHINI, A. F. & LORUSSO, L. Vomiting stones: mental illness and forensic medicine in 18th century Italy
LORUSSO, L., FALCONI, B., FRANCHINI, F. A. & PORRO, A. Geology, conservation and dissolution of corpses by Paolo Gorini (1813–1881)



Robertson, A.H.F. et al. (eds.) - Geological development of Anatolia and the easternmost Mediterranean region. - 2013. Geological Society London Spec. Publ. 372; 649 pp., numerous fig./phot., some col. Orig. boards, new and in stock. 1.53 kg. [List price GBP 140] € 70   











Balme, M R, S Gupta, C Gallagher and A Bargery - Martian Geomorphology. - 2011. London, Geological Society Special Publication 356; 307 pp., numerous fig./phot. Orig. hardcover, new and in stock. 0,0 kg. [Listprice: GBP 100]  € 50




sold Hall, R., M.A. Cottam & M.E.J. Wilson (eds.) 
The SE Asian gateway. History and tectonics of the Australia-Asia collision.

2011. London, Geological Society Special Publication 355;

381 pp., numerous fig./phot., most col. Orig. hardcover, new. 1,1 kg. [Listprice: GBP 100]  € 50





Martini, I.P., H.M. French and A. Pérez Alberti (eds.) 
Ice-marginal and periglacial processes and sediments.

2011. London, Geological Society Special Publication 354

284 pp., numerous fig./phot., many col. Orig. hardcover, new. 0,9 kg. [Listprice: GBP 100]  € 65



MARTINI, I. P., FRENCH, H.M. & ALBERTI, A. P. Ice-marginal and periglacial processes and sediments: an introduction
INGÓLFSSON, Ó. Fingerprints of Quaternary glaciations on Svalbard 
LØNNE, I.&NEMEC, W. Modes of sediment delivery to the grounding line of a fast-flowing tidewater glacier: implications for ice-margin conditions and glacier dynamics
LØNNE, I.&NEMEC, W. The kinematics of ancient tidewater ice margins: criteria for recognition from grounding-line moraines
LUKAS, S. & SASS, O. The formation of Alpine lateral moraines inferred from sedimentology and radar reflection patterns: a case study from Gornergletscher, Switzerland
PÉREZ ALBERTI, A., DIAZ, M. V., MARTINI, I. P., PASCUCCI, V. & ANDREUCCI, S. Upper Pleistocene glacial valley-junction sediments at Pias, Trevinca Mountains, NW Spain
CARLING, P. A., KNAAPEN, M., BORODAVKO, P., HERGET, J., KOPTEV, I., HUGGENBERGER, P. & PARNACHEV, S. Palaeoshorelines of glacial Lake Kuray–Chuja, south-central Siberia: form, sediments and process
KELLER, M., HINDERER, M.,AL-AJMI, H.&RAUSCH, R. Palaeozoic glacial depositional environments of SW Saudi Arabia: process and product
FRENCH, H. Frozen sediments and previously-frozen sediments 
LEVY, J. S., HEAD, J. W. & MARCHANT, D. R. Gullies, polygons and mantles in Martian permafrost environments: cold desert landforms and sedimentary processes during recent Martian geological history
THORN, C. E., DARMODY, R. G. & DIXON, J. C. Rethinking weathering and pedogenesis in alpine periglacial regions: some Scandinavian evidence
GUGLIELMIN, M., FAVERO-LONGO, S. E., CANNONE, N., PIERVITTORI, R. & STRINI, A. Role of lichens in granite weathering in cold and arid environments of continental Antarctic
VANDENBERGHE, J. Periglacial sediments: do they exist? 
VAN STEIJN, H. Stratified slope deposits: periglacial and other processes involved
OLIVA,M.& ORTIZ, A. G. Holocene slope dynamics in Sierra Nevada (south Spain). Sedimentological analysis of solifluction landforms and lake deposits
BROOKFIELD, M. E. Aeolian processes and features in cool climates 
NEWELL, W. L. & DEJONG, B. D. Cold-climate slope deposits and landscape modifications of the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain, Eastern USA


Gloaguen, R. & L. Ratschbacher (eds.) 
Growth and collapse of the Tibetan Plateau.

2011. London, Geological Society Special Publication 353

255 pp., numerous fig./phot., partly col. Orig. hardcover, new. 0,9 kg. [Listprice: GBP 85]  € 65



GLOAGUEN, R. & RATSCHBACHER, L. Growth and collapse of the Tibetan Plateau: introduction 
ROGER, F., JOLIVET, M., CATTIN, R. & MALAVIEILLE1, J. Mesozoic–Cenozoic tectonothermal evolution of the eastern part of the Tibetan plateau (Songpan-Garzê, Longmen Shan area): insights from thermochronological data and simple thermal modelling 
ZHANG, Q.-H., DING, L., CAI, F.-L., XU, X.-X., ZHANG, L.-Y., XU, Q. & WILLEMS, H. Early Cretaceous Gangdese retroarc foreland basin evolution in the Selin Co basin, central Tibet: evidence from sedimentology and detrital zircon geochronology 
DUNKL, I., ANTOLÍN, B., WEMMER, K., RANTITSCH, G., KIENAST, M., MONTOMOLI, C., DING, L., CAROSI, R., APPEL, E., EL BAY, R., XU, Q. & VON EYNATTEN, H. Metamorphic evolution of the Tethyan Himalayan flysch in SE Tibet
LIEBKE, U., ANTOLIN, B., APPEL, E., BASAVAIAH, N., MIKES, T., DUNKL, I. & WEMMER, K. Indication for clockwise rotation in the Siang window south of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis and new geochronological constraints for the area 
HETÉNYI, G., VERGNE, J., BOLLINGER, L. & CATTIN, R. Discontinuous low-velocity zones in southern Tibet question the viability of the channel flow model 
MECHIE, J., KIND, R. & SAUL, J. The seismological structure of the Tibetan plateau crust and mantle down to 700 km depth 
RATSCHBACHER, L., KRUMREI, I., BLUMENWITZ, M., STAIGER, M., GLOAGUEN, R......: Rifting and strike–slip shear in central Tibet and the geometry, age and kinematics of upper crustal extension in Tibet 
KIRBY, E. &OUIMET, W. Tectonic geomorphology along the eastern margin of Tibet: insights into the pattern and processes of active deformation adjacent to the Sichuan Basin 
PERRINEAU, A., WOERD, J. V. D., GAUDEMER, Y., .....:  Incision rate of the Yellow River in Northeastern Tibet constrained by 10Be and 26Al cosmogenic isotopes dating of fluvial terraces: implications for catchment evolution and plateau building 
HARTMANN, K., WÜNNEMANN, B., HÖLZ, S., KRAETSCHELL, A. & ZHANG, H. Neotectonic constraints on the Gaxun Nur inland basin in north–central China, derived from remote sensing, geomorphology and geophysical analyses
KORUP, O. & WEIDINGER, J. T. Rock type, precipitation, and the steepness of Himalayan threshold hillslopes 


Bishop, B. & B. Pillans (eds.) - Australian landscapes. - 2010. London, Geological Society Special Publication 346; 328 pp., numerous fig./phot, some col. Orig. illustr. boards, new. [list price GBP 90] € 42   contents   




BISHOP, P. & PILLANS, B. Introduction: Australian geomorphology into the 21st century

NOTT, J. A theory (involving tropical cyclones) on the formation of coarse-grained sand beach ridges in NE Australia

TRAVERS, A., ELIOT, M. J., ELIOT, I. G. & JENDRZEJCZAK, M. Sheltered sandy beaches of southwestern Australia

SCHMIDT, S., DE DECKKER, P., ETCHEBER, H. & CARADEC, S. Are the Murray Canyons offshore southern Australia still active for sediment transport?

THOM, B. G., KEENE, J. B., COWELL, P. J. & DALEY, M. East Australian marine abrasion surface

HOLDAWAY, S. J. & FANNING, P. C. Geoarchaeology in Australia: understanding human–environment interactions

DUNKERLEY, D. Ecogeomorphology in the Australian drylands and the role of biota in mediating the effects of climate change on landscape processes and evolution

FUJIOKA, T. & CHAPPELL, J. History of Australian aridity: chronology in the evolution of arid landscapes

HESSE, P. P. The Australian desert dunefields: formation and evolution in an old, flat, dry continent

COLHOUN, E. A., KIERNAN, K., BARROWS, T. T. & GOEDE, A. Advances in Quaternary studies in Tasmania

HABERLAH, D., GLASBY, P., WILLIAMS, M. A. J., HILL, S. M., WILLIAMS, F., RHODES, E. J., GOSTIN, V., O’FLAHERTY, A. & JACOBSEN, G. E. ‘Of droughts and flooding rains’: an alluvial loess record from central South Australia spanning the last glacial cycle

HEIMSATH, A. M., CHAPPELL, J. & FIFIELD, K. Eroding Australia: rates and processes from Bega Valley to Arnhem Land

QUIGLEY, M. C., CLARK, D. & SANDIFORD, M. Tectonic geomorphology of Australia

BISHOP, P. & GOLDRICK, G. Lithology and the evolution of bedrock rivers in post-orogenic settings: constraints from the high-elevation passive continental margin of SE Australia

OSBORNE, R. A. L. Rethinking eastern Australian caves

CHIVAS, A. R. & ATLHOPHENG, J. R. Oxygen-isotope dating the Yilgarn regolith





Moody, R.T.J., E. Buffetaut, D. Naish and D.M. Martill 
Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Saurians: A Historical Perspective

2010. London, geological Society Special Publication 343

394 pp., numerous fig./phot., some col. Orig. hardcover, new. 1,1 kg. € 65





 MOODY, R. T. J., BUFFETAUT, E., NAISH, D. & MARTILL, D. M. Dinosaurs and other extinct saurians: a historical perspective – introduction

 EVANS, M. The roles played by museums, collections and collectors in the early history of reptile palaeontology

 TORRENS, H. S. William Perceval Hunter (1812–1878), forgotten English student of dinosaurs-to-be and of Wealden rocks

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 FANTI, F. Life and ideas of Giovanni Capellini (1833–1922): a palaeontological revolution in Italy

 MOODY, R. T. J. & NAISH, D. Alan Jack Charig (1927–1997): an overview of his academic accomplishments and role in the world of fossil reptile research

 TURNER, S., BUREK, C. V. & MOODY, R. T. J. Forgotten women in an extinct saurian (man’s) world

 SUBERBIOLA, X. P., RUIZ-OMEÑACA, J.-I., BARDET, N., PIÑUELA, L. & GARCÍA-RAMOS, J.-C. Wilhelm (Guillermo) Schulz and the earliest discoveries of dinosaurs and marine reptiles in Spain

 CARRANO, M. T., WILSON, J. A. & BARRETT, P. M. The history of dinosaur collecting in central India, 1828–1947

 BUFFETAUT, E. Spinosaurs before Stromer: early finds of spinosaurid dinosaurs and their interpretations

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 BOWDEN, A. J., TRESISE, G.R & SIMKISS, W. Chirotherium, the Liverpool footprint hunters and their interpretation of the Middle Trias environment

 NAISH, D. Pneumaticity, the early years: Wealden Supergroup dinosaurs and the hypothesis of saurischian pneumaticity

 WELLNHOFER, P. A short history of research on Archaeopteryx and its relationship with dinosaurs

 SWITEK, B. Thomas Henry Huxley and the reptile to bird transition

 HANSEN, K. L. A history of digit identification in the manus of theropods (including Aves)

 OSI, A., PRONDVAI, E. & GÉCZY, B. The history of Late Jurassic pterosaurs housed in Hungarian collections and the revision of the holotype of Pterodactylus micronyx Meyer 1856 (a ‘Pester Exemplar’)

 MARTILL, D. M. The early history of pterosaur discovery in Great Britain

 WITTON, M. P. Pteranodon and beyond: the history of giant pterosaurs from 1870 onwards

 LE LOEUFF, J. Art and palaeontology in German-occupied France: Les Diplodocus by Mathurin Méheut (1943)

 LISTON, J. J. 2000 A.D. and the new ‘Flesh’: first to report the dinosaur renaissance in ‘moving’ pictures

 TAYLOR, M. P. Sauropod dinosaur research: a historical review





M Vecoli, G Clement and B Meyer-Berthaud
The Terrestrialization Process: Modelling Complex Interactions at the Biosphere-Geosphere Interface.

2010. London, Geological Society Special Publication 339 

192 pp., numerous fig./phot. Orig. hardcover, new and in stock. ISBN:  978-1-86239-301-1, 1,1 kg. € 50



VECOLI, M., MEYER-BERTHAUD, B.& CLÉMENT, G. The terrestrialization process: introduction to modelling complex interactions at the biosphere–geosphere interface
JANVIER, P. Terrestrialization: the early emergence of the concept
VERSTEEGH, J.M. G. & RIBOULLEAU, A. An organic geochemical perspective on Terrestrialization
STROTHER, P. K., SERVAIS, T. & VECOLI, M. The effects of terrestrialization on marine ecosystems: the fall of CO2
STEEMANS, P., WELLMAN, C. H. & GERRIENNE, P. Palaeogeographic and palaeoclimatic considerations based on Ordovician to Lochkovian vegetation
MEYER-BERTHAUD, B., SORIA, A.& DECOMBEIX, A.-L. The land plant cover in the Devonian: a reassessment of the evolution of the tree habit
PRESTIANNI, C. & GERRIENNE, P. Early seed plant radiation: an ecological hypothesis
GERRIENNE, P.,MEYER-BERTHAUD, B., LARDEUX, H.& RÉGNAULT, S. First record of Rellimia Leclercq & Bonamo (Aneurophytales) from Gondwana, with comments on the earliest lignophytes
ASTIN, T. R., MARSHALL, J. E. A., BLOM, H.& BERRY, C. M. The sedimentary environment of the Late Devonian East Greenland tetrapods
CRESSLER, W. L. III, DAESCHLER, E. B., SLINGERLAND, R. & PETERSON, D. A. - Terrestrialization in the Late Devonian: a palaeoecological overview of the Red Hill site, Pennsylvania, USA
BLIECK, A., CLÉMENT, G.& STREEL, M. The biostratigraphical distribution of earliest tetrapods (Late Devonian): a revised version with comments on biodiversification
SANCHEZ, S., STEYER, J. S., SCHOCH, R. R. & DE RICQLÉS, A. Palaeoecological and palaeoenvironmental influences revealed by long-bone palaeohistology: the example of the Permian branchiosaurid Apateon
LAURIN, M.& SOLER-GIJÓN, R. Osmotic tolerance and habitat of early stegocephalians: indirect evidence from parsimony, taphonomy, palaeobiogeography, physiology and morphology





Pedley, H.M. & M. Rogerson (eds.) 

Tufas and Speleothems: Unravelling the Microbial and Physical Controls

2010. London, Geological Society Special Publication 336 

368 pp., numerous fig./phot. Orig. hardcover, new and in stock. ISBN:  978-1-86239-301-1, 1,1 kg. € 50




Our understanding of calcium carbonate precipitation within freshwater carbonate systems is being revolutionized by new quantitative approaches at both field and laboratory scale. These systems cover a diverse range of topical research areas including tufas, speleothems, stromatolites and microbial processes. Progress by various international research groups has been impressive, with major contributions to such areas as climate change, absolute dating, carbon sequestration, and biofilm construction and precipitation. A diverse sample of interrelated research is presented that provides a tantalizing glimpse of the interplay between microbial, geochemical and physical processes that control the development of tufas and speleothems.

 This volume will provide a cross-disciplinary platform that will stimulate further exchanges about new concepts, methodologies and interpretations associated with freshwater carbonates. In particular, it will help reinforce the importance of cross-discipline research: the driving force behind the new field of Geobiology



PEDLEY, H. M. & ROGERSON, M. Introduction to tufas and speleothems

 JONES, B. Microbes in caves: agents of calcite corrosion and precipitation

 GONZÁLEZ-MUÑOZ, M. T., RODRIGUEZ-NAVARRO, C., MARTÍNEZ-RUIZ, F., ARIAS, J. M., MERROUN, M. I. & RODRIGUEZ-GALLEGO, M. Bacterial biomineralization: new insights from Myxococcus-induced mineral precipitation

 DITTRICH, M. & SIBLER, S. Calcium carbonate precipitation by cyanobacterial polysaccharides

 ROGERSON, M., PEDLEY, H. M. & MIDDLETON, R. Microbial influence on macroenvironment chemical conditions in alkaline (tufa) streams: perspectives from in vitro experiments

 ARP, G., BISSETT, A., BRINKMANN, N., COUSIN, S., DE BEER, D., FRIEDL, T., MOHR, K. I., NEU, T. R., REIMER, A., SHIRAISHI, F., STACKEBRANDT, E. & ZIPPEL, B. Tufa-forming biofilms of German karstwater streams: microorganisms, exopolymers, hydrochemistry and calcification

 ARENAS, C., OSÁCAR, C., SANCHO, C., VÁZQUEZ-URBEZ, M., AUQUÉ, L. & PARDO, G. Seasonal record from recent fluvial tufa deposits (Monasterio de Piedra, NE Spain): sedimentological and stable isotope data

 GRADZI?SKI, M. Factors controlling growth of modern tufa: results of a field experiment

 PEDLEY, H. M. & ROGERSON, M. In vitro investigations of the impact of different temperature and flow velocity conditions on tufa microfabric

 BENZERARA, K., MEIBOM, A., GAUTIER, Q., KA?MIERCZAK, J., STOLARSKI, J., MENGUY, N. & BROWN JR, G. E. Nanotextures of aragonite in stromatolites from the quasi-marine Satonda crater lake, Indonesia

 BINDSCHEDLER, S., MILLIÈRE, L., CAILLEAU, G., JOB, D. & VERRECCHIA, E. P. Calcitic nanofibres in soils and caves: a putative fungal contribution to carbonatogenesis

 PENTECOST, A. The fractionation of phosphorus in some modern and late-Holocene calcareous tufas in North Yorkshire, UK

 ÖZKUL, M., GÖKGÖZ, A. & HORVATINI, N. Depositional properties and geochemistry of Holocene perched springline tufa deposits and associated spring waters: a case study from the Denizli Province, Western Turkey

 CAPEZZUOLI., E., GANDIN, A. & SANDRELLI, F. Calcareous tufa as indicators of climatic variability: a case study from southern Tuscany (Italy)

 BALDINI, J. U. L. Cave atmosphere controls on stalagmite growth rate and palaeoclimate records

 FAIRCHILD, I. J., SPÖTL, C., FRISIA, S., BORSATO, A., SUSINI, J., WYNN, P. M., CAUZID, J. & EIMF Petrology and geochemistry of annually laminated stalagmites from an Alpine cave (Obir, Austria): seasonal cave physiology

 MATTEY, D. P., FAIRCHILD, I. J., ATKINSON, T. C., LATIN, J.-P., AINSWORTH, M. & DURELL, R. Seasonal microclimate control of calcite fabrics, stable isotopes and trace elements in modern speleothem from St Michaels Cave, Gibraltar

 HAMMER, Ø, DYSTHE, D. K. & JAMTVEIT, B. Travertine terracing: patterns and mechanisms





sold Law, R.D., R.W.H. Butler, et al. (eds.) - Continental tectonics and mountain building. The legacy of Peach and Horne. - 2010. Geological Society Special Publication 335; 880 pp., numerous fig./phot., many col. Orig. illustr. boards, as good as new. [List price GBP 160] € 80



Lucas, E.G. (ed.)

The Triassic Timescale

2010. London, Geological Society Special Publication 334

514 pp., numerous fig./phot. Orig. hardcover, new. ISBN:  978-1-86239-296-0  1,4 kg. € 60




The Mesozoic Era begins with the approximately 50-million-year-long Triassic Period, a major juncture in Earth history when the vast Pangaean supercontinent completed its assembly and began its fragmentation, and the global biota diversified and modernized after the end-Permian mass extinction, the most extensive biotic decimation of the Phanerozoic. The temporal ordering of geological and biotic events during Triassic time thus is critical to the interpretation of some unique and pivotal events in Earth history. This temporal ordering is mostly based on the Triassic timescale, which has been developed and refined for nearly two centuries. This book reviews the state of the art of the Triassic timescale and includes comprehensive analyses of Triassic radio-isotopic ages, magnetostratigraphy, isotope-based and cyclostratigraphic correlations and timescale -relevant marine and non-marine biostratigraphy.



 LUCAS, S. G. The Triassic timescale: an introduction

 LUCAS, S. G. The Triassic chronostratigraphic scale: history and status

 MUNDIL, R., PÁLFY, J., RENNE, P. R. & BRACK, P. The Triassic timescale: new constraints

and a review of geochronological data

 HOUNSLOW, M.W. & MUTTONI, G. The geomagnetic polarity timescale for the

Triassic: linkage to stage boundary definitions

 TANNER, L. H. The Triassic isotope record

 TANNER, L. H. Cyclostratigraphic record of the Triassic: a critical examination

 ORCHARD, M. J. Triassic conodonts and their role in stage boundary definition

 O’DOGHERTY, L., CARTER, E. S., GORICAN, S. & DUMITRICA, P. Triassic radiolarian


 MCROBERTS, C. A. Biochronology of Triassic bivalves

 BALINI, M., LUCAS, S. G., JENKS, J. F. & SPIELMANN, J. A. Triassic ammonoid

biostratigraphy: an overview

 KÜRSCHNER, W. M. & WALDEMAAR HERNGREEN, G. F. Triassic palynology of central and

northwestern Europe: a review of palynofloral diversity patterns and biostratigraphic subdivisions

 CIRILLI, S. Upper Triassic–lowermost Jurassic palynology and palynostratigraphy: a review

 KOZUR, H.W. & WEEMS, R. E. The biostratigraphic importance of conchostracans in the

continental Triassic of the northern hemisphere

 KLEIN, H.& LUCAS, S. G. Tetrapod footprints – their use in biostratigraphy and biochronology

of the Triassic

 LUCAS, S. G. The Triassic timescale based on nonmarine tetrapod biostratigraphy and







Smith, B.J., M. Gomez-Heras, H.A. Viles and J. Casser (eds.)

Limestone in the built environments.

Present day challenges for the preservation opf the past.

2010. London, Geological Society Special Publication 331

272 pp., numerous fig./phot. Orig. hardcover, new and in stock. ISBN:  978-1-86239-294-6  0,85 kg. € 45    





Leturmy, P. and C Robin (eds.) - Tectonic and Stratigraphic Evolution of Zagros and Makran during the Mesozoic-Cenozoic. - 2010. . London, Geological Society Special Publication 330; 360 pp., many fig./phot. Orig. hardcover, new and in stock. € 60



The Zagros fold-thrust belt (ZFTB) extends from Turkey to the Hormuz Strait, resulting from the collision of the Arabian and Eurasian plates during Cenozoic times, and separates the Arabian platform from the large plateaux of central Iran. To the east a pronounced syntaxis marks the transition between the Zagros collision belt and the Makran accretionary wedge. In the ZFTB, the Proterozoic to Recent stratigraphic succession pile is involved in huge folds, and offers the opportunity to study the stratigraphic and tectonic evolution of the Palaeo-Tethyan margin.

Few recent data were widely available on the southern Tethys margin preserved in the Zagros Mountains. The Middle East Basins Evolution (MEBE) program was an excellent opportunity to go back to the field and to collect new data to better constrain the evolution of this margin. In this volume the structure of the Zagros Mountains is explored through different scales and using different methodologies.



LETURMY, P. & ROBIN, C. Tectonic and stratigraphic evolution of Zagros and Makran during the Mesozoic–Cenozoic: introduction
PAUL, A., HATZFELD, D., KAVIANI, A., TATAR, M. & PÉQUEGNAT, C. Seismic imaging of the lithospheric structure of the Zagros mountain belt (Iran)

HATZFELD, D., AUTHEMAYOU, C., VAN DER BEEK, P., BELLIER, O., LAVÉ , J., OVEISI, B., TATAR, M., TAVAKOLI, F., WALPERSDORF, A. & YAMINI-FARD, F. The kinematics of the Zagros Mountains (Iran)
REGARD, V., HATZFELD, D., MOLINARO, M.,et al. -. The transition between Makran subduction and the Zagros collision: recent advances in its structure and active deformation
NAVABPOUR, P., ANGELIER, J. & BARRIER, E. Mesozoic extensional brittle tectonics of the Arabian passive margin, inverted in the Zagros collision (Iran, interior Fars)
AUBOURG, C., SMITH, B., ESHRAGHI, A., et al. - New magnetic fabric data and their comparison with palaeostress markers in the Western Fars Arc (Zagros, Iran): tectonic implications
LETURMY, P., MOLINARO, M. & FRIZON DE LAMOTTE, D. Structure, timing and morphological signature of hidden reverse basement faults in the Fars Arc of the Zagros (Iran)
BURBERRY, C. M., COSGROVE, J. W. & LIU, J.-G. A study of fold characteristics and deformation style using the evolution of the land surface: Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran
EMAMI, H., VERGÉS, J., NALPAS, T., et al. - Structure of the Mountain Front Flexure along the Anaran anticline in the Pusht-e Kuh Arc (NW Zagros, Iran) : insights from sand box models
ROBIN, C., GORICAN, S., et al.  - Mesozoic deep-water carbonate deposits from the southern Tethyan passive margin in Iran (Pichakun nappes, Neyriz area): biostratigraphy, facies sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy
PIRYAEI, A., REIJMER, J. J. G., VAN BUCHEM, F. S. P. et al. - The influence of Late Cretaceous tectonic processes on sedimentation patterns along the northeastern Arabian plate margin (Fars Province, SW Iran)
HAJIKAZEMI, E., AL-AASM, I. S. & CONIGLIO, M. Subaerial exposure and meteoric diagenesis of the Cenomanian–Turonian Upper Sarvak Formation, southwestern Iran
HOSSEINI-BARZI, M. Spatial and temporal diagenetic evolution of syntectonic sediments in a pulsatory uplifted coastal escarpment, evidenced from the Plio-Pleistocene, Makran subduction zone, Iran
BORDENAVE, M. L. & HEGRE, J. A. Current distribution of oil and gas fields in the Zagros Fold Belt of Iran and contiguous offshore as the result of the petroleum systems



Buchem, F.S.P. van, K.D. Gerdes & M. Esteban (eds.)  

Mesozoic and Cenozoic carbonate systems of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Stratigraphic and diagenetic reference models.

2010. London, Geological Society Special Publication 329

422 pp., numerous fig./phot./fold-out plts., many col. Orig. hardcover, new, 1,2 kg. [ISBN:  978-1-86239-288-5  Listprice GBP 110. In stock. € 65 



This volume contains a collection of stratigraphic and diagenetic case studies of Mesozoic and Cenozoic carbonate sequences from the Tethyan realm. High levels of industry and academic interest in the region have generated numerous multi-disciplinary studies of these sequences, a selection of which are presented in this volume. The studies presented are based on both comprehensive subsurface datasets from important hydrocarbon-bearing strata of the Middle East and the excellent surface exposures in the region of interest. 
The studies presented in this volume may serve as suitable starting points in the development of age and architecture specific carbonate reference models. Such models can form the basis of internally consistent models for carbonate deposition, sequence development and reservoir performance. Ideally such models, suitably scaled, will be equally applicable to academic studies, the exploration and development phases of the field life cycle and in the prediction of future reservoir performance.

VAN BUCHEM, F. S. P., GERDES, K. D. & ESTEBAN, M. Mesozoic and Cenozoic carbonate systems of the Mediterranean and the Middle East: stratigraphic and diagenetic reference models – an introduction

GERDES, K. D.,WINEFIELD, P., SIMMONS, M. D. & VAN OOSTERHOUT, C. The influence of basin architecture and eustacy on the evolution of Tethyan Mesozoic and Cenozoic carbonate sequences

LUCIC, D., IVKOVIC, Z., FORŠEK, G., TAKAC, D., BUBNIC, J. & KOCH, G. Depositional sequences and palynology of Triassic carbonate-evaporite platform deposits in the Palmyrides, Syria

PIERRE, A., DURLET, C., RAZIN, P. & CHELLAI, E. H. Spatial and temporal distribution of ooids along a Jurassic carbonate ramp: Amellago outcrop transect, High-Atlas, Morocco

AURELL, M., BÁDENAS, B., IPAS, J. & RAMAJO, J. Sedimentary evolution of an Upper Jurassic epeiric carbonate ramp, Iberian Basin, NE Spain

EMBRY, J.-C., VENNIN, E., VAN BUCHEM, F. S. P., SCHROEDER, R., PIERRE, C.&AURELL, M. Sequence stratigraphy and carbon isotope stratigraphy of an Aptian mixed carbonate-siliciclastic platform to basin transition (Galve sub-basin, NE Spain)

DROSTE, H. High-resolution seismic stratigraphy of the Shu’aiba and Natih formations in the Sultanate of Oman: implications for Cretaceous epeiric carbonate platform systems

GRÉLAUD, C., RAZIN, P. & HOMEWOOD, P. Channelized systems in an inner carbonate platform setting: differentiation between incisions and tidal channels (Natih Formation,Late Cretaceous, Oman)

RAZIN, P., TAATI, F. & VAN BUCHEM, F. S. P. Sequence stratigraphy of Cenomanian–Turonian carbonate platform margins (Sarvak Formation) in the High Zagros, SW Iran: an outcrop reference model for the Arabian Plate

VAN BUCHEM, F. S. P., ALLAN, T. L., LAURSEN, G. V. ......: Regional stratigraphic architecture and reservoir types of the Oligo-Miocene deposits in the Dezful Embayment (Asmari and Pabdeh Formations) SW Iran

JANSON, X., VAN BUCHEM, F. S. P., DROMART, ......: Architecture and facies differentiation within a Middle Miocene carbonate platform, Ermenek, Mut Basin, southern Turkey

WEIDLICH, O. Meteoric diagenesis in carbonates below karst unconformities: heterogeneity and control factors

ROSALES, I. & PÉREZ-GARCÍA, A. Porosity development, diagenesis and basin modelling of a Lower Cretaceous (Albian) carbonate platform from northern Spain

SHARP, I., GILLESPIE, P., MORSALNEZHAD, D., TABERNER, C. ....: Stratigraphic architecture and fracture-controlled dolomitization of the Cretaceous Khami and Bangestan groups: an outcrop case study, Zagros Mountains, Iran

RONCHI, P., DI GIULIO, A., CERIANI, A. & SCOTTI, P. Contrasting fluid events giving rise to apparently similar diagenetic products; late-stage dolomite cements from the Southern Alps and central Apennines, Italy




Lisker, F., B., Ventura & U.A. Glasmacher (eds.) -

Thermochronological methods. From palaeotemperature constraints to landscape evolution models. - 

2009. London, Geological Society Special Publication 324;

347 pp., many fig./phot. Orig. illustr. boards, new and in stock. [ISBN 978-1-86239-285-4, 1 kg, listprice: GBP 100]  € 55


Thermochronological Methods: From Palaeotemperature Constraints to Landscape Evolution Models   






Apatite thermochronology in modern geology, F Lisker, B Ventura & U A Glasmacher


Part I: New approaches in thermochronology

Coincidence mapping – a key strategy for the automatic counting of fission tracks in natural minerals, A J W Gleadow, S J Gleadow, D X Belton, B P Kohn, M S Krochmal & R W Brown

The effect of chemical etching on LA–ICP-MS analysis in determining uranium concentration for fission-track chronometry, N Hasebe, A Carter, A J Hurford & S Arai

Quantitative constraints on mid- to shallow-crustal processes using the zircon (U–Th)/He thermochronometer, K J Dobson C Persano & F M Stuart

Improving constraints on apatite provenance: Nd measurement on fission-track-dated grains, A Carter & G L Foster

Calibration and comparison of etching techniques for apatite fission-track thermochronology, G R Murrell, E R Sobel, B Carrapa & P Andriessen

Convective heat transfer in a steeply dipping fault zone and its impact on the interpretation of fission-track data – a modelling study, Z Timar-Geng, A Henk & A Wetzel

Reconstruction of palaeotopography from low-temperature thermochronological data, W Wang & Z Zhou


Part II: Applied thermochronology – long-term evolution studies

What perturbs isotherms? An assessment using fission-track thermochronology and thermal modelling along

the Gotthard transect, Central Alps, C Glotzbach, C Spiegel, J Reinecker, M Rahn & W Frisch

Pebble population dating as an additional tool for provenance studies – examples from the Eastern Alps, I Dunkl, W Frisch, J Kuhlemann & A Brügel

Focused erosion in the Alps constrained by fission-track ages on detrital apatites, M G Malusà, M Zattin, S Andò, E Garzanti & G Vezzoli

Exhumation of the Sierra de Cameros (Iberian Range, Spain): constraints from low-temperature thermochronology, P Del Rio, L Barbero & F M Stuart

Late- and post-Variscan evolution of the Ardennes in France and Belgium: constraints from apatite fission-track data, C Xu, J L Mansy, P Van Den Haute, F Guillot, Z Zhou, J Chen & J De Grave

Thermal and denudation history of the Lusatian Block (NE Bohemian Massif, Germany) as indicated by apatite fission-track data, B Ventura, F Lisker & J Kopp

A reappraisal of low-temperature thermochronology of the eastern Fennoscandia Shield and radiation-enhanced apatite fission-track annealing, B P Kohn, M Lorencak, A J W Gleadow, F Kohlmann, A Raza, K G Osadetz & P Sorjonen-Ward

Weathering of granite and granitic regolith in Corsica: short-term 10Be versus long-term thermochronological constraints, J Kuhlemann, I Krumrei, M Danišik & K Van Der Borg

Multi-method chronometry of the Teletskoye graben and its basement, Siberian Altai Mountains: new insights on its thermo-tectonic evolution, J De Grave, M M Buslov, P Van Den Haute, J Metcalf, B Dehandschutter & M O Mcwilliams

Post Pan-African thermo-tectonic evolution of the north Mozambican basement and its implication for the Gondwana rifting. Inferences from 40Ar/39Ar hornblende, biotite and titanite fission-track dating, M C Daszinnies, J Jacobs, J-A Wartho & G H Grantham.

Denudation along the Atlantic passive margin: new insights from apatite fission-track analysis on the western coast of South Africa, A Kounov, G Viola, M De Wit & M A G Andreoli

Steady-state exhumation pattern in the Central Andes – SE Peru, G M H Ruiz, V Carlotto, P V Van Heiningen & P A M Andriessen

Combined titanite and apatite fission-track data from Gjelsvikfjella, East Antarctica – another piece of a concealed intracontinental Permo-Triassic Gondwana rift basin? B Emmel, J Jacobs & M C Daszinnies

Fission-track analysis of the Atotsugawa Fault (Hida Metamorphic Belt, central Japan): fault-related thermal anomaly and activation history, R Yamada, H Ongirad, T Matsuda, K Omura, A Takeuchi & H Iwano




Buffetaut, E. et al. -
Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic continental ecosystems in SE Asia. -
2009. London, Geological Society Special Publication 315; 306 pp., numerous fig./phot. Collection of 20 papers, a fair part of which on vertebrate paleontology. Hardcover, condition: new. 1,1 kg
€ 52



sold Königshof, P. (ed) -
Devonian change. Case studies in palaeogeography and palaeoecology. -
2009. London, Geological Society Special Publication 314; 298 pp., numerous fig./phot., some col. Collection of 13 papers. Hardcover, condition: new. [list price: GBP 95]
€ 70 

Devonian change: case studies in palaeogeography and palaeoecology – an introduction. - P Königshof
Devonian ecological–evolutionary subunits in the Appalachian Basin: a revision and a test of persistence and discreteness. - C E Brett, L C Ivany, A J Bartholomew, M K Desantis & G C Baird
The Siegenian delta: land–sea transitions at the northern margin of the Rhenohercynian Basin. - J Stets & A Schäfer
Frasnian reef evolution and palaeogeography, SE Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Australia. - A D George, K M Trinajstic & N Chow
Distribution, geometry and palaeogeography of the Frasnian (Late Devonian) reef complexes of Banks Island, NWT, western arctic, Canada. - P Copper & E Edinger
Parasites in Emsian–Eifelian Favosites (Anthozoa, Tabulata) from the Holy Cross Mountains (Poland): changes of distribution within colony. - M K Zapalski
Devonian (Emsian to Frasnian) crinoids of the Dra Valley, western Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco. - G D Webster & R T Becker
A re-evaluation of Famennian echinoderm diversity: implications for patterns of extinction and rebound in the Late Devonian. - J A Waters & G D Webster
Upper Devonian miospore and conodont zone correlation in western Europe. - M Streel
Middle Devonian micro?oras from the Chigua Formation, Precordillera region, northwestern Argentina. - C R Amenábar
Middle Devonian microfloras and megafloras from western Argentina and southern Bolivia: their importance in the palaeobiogeographical and palaeoclimatic evolution of western Gondwana. - M Di Pasquo, C R Amenábar & S Noetinger
A Silurian–Devonian marine platform-deltaic system in the San Rafael Block, Argentine Precordillera–Cuyania terrane: lithofacies and provenance. - M J Manassero, C A Cingolani & P Abre
The Devonian System of China, with a discussion on sea-level change in South China. - X P Ma, W Liao & D Wang
Late Devonian echinoderms from the Hongguleleng Formation of northwestern China. - G D Webster & J A Waters



Brunet, M.F., M. Wilmsen and J.W. Granath (eds.) - South Caspian to Central Iran Basins. - 2009. London, Geological Society Special Publication 312; 360 pp., many fig./phot. Orig. hardcover, new. 1 kg. € 60



This book combines interdisciplinary research results using structural geology, geophysics, sedimentology, stratigraphy, palaeontology, palaeomagnetism and subsidence modelling obtained through the MEBE (Middle East Basins Evolution) Programme and other groups in the South Caspian as well as in Northern and Central Iran. A great part of the volume is devoted to Northern Iran (Alborz, Binalud and Koppeh Dagh belts), dealing mainly with the Late Palaeozoic and the Mesozoic Era. Two papers present subsidence models of the South Caspian Basin since the Jurassic and three papers focus on Central Iran.

The data and models in this compilation of papers present a detailed picture and a very comprehensive understanding of the Late Palaeozoic to Cenozoic evolution of the South Caspian and North to Central Iran basins. Geodynamic evolution and sedimentation pattern were mainly controlled by the closure of the Palaeo–Tethys due to collision of the Cimmerian blocks with south Laurasia, the opening of the South Caspian Basin, and the Neo-Tethys ocean closure associated with Arabia-Eurasia collision.


South Caspian, northern and central Iran sedimentary basins: introduction, M-F Brunet, J W Granath & M Wilmsen
The drift history of Iran from the Ordovician to the Triassic, G Muttoni, M Mattei, M Balini, A Zanchi, M Gaetani & F Berra

The Eo-Cimmerian (Late? Triassic) orogeny in north Iran, A Zanchi, S Zanchetta, F Berra, M Mattei, E Garzanti, S Molyneux, A Nawab & J Sabouri
The Shanderman eclogites: a Late Carboniferous high-pressure event in the NW Talesh Mountains (NW Iran), S Zanchetta, A Zanchi, I Villa, S Poli & G Muttoni
Pennsylvanian–Early Triassic stratigraphy in the Alborz Mountains (Iran), M Gaetani, L Angiolini, K Ueno, A Nicora, M H Stephenson, D Sciunnach, R Rettori, G D Price & J Sabouri
Lithostratigraphy of the Upper Triassic–Middle Jurassic Shemshak Group of northern Iran, F T Fürsich, M Wilmsen, K Seyed-Emami & M R Majidifard
Characterization of organic matter in the fine-grained siliciclastic sediments of the Shemshak Group (Upper Triassic–Middle Jurassic) in the Alborz Range, northern Iran, A Shekarifard, F Baudin, J Schnyder & K Seyed-Emami
The Shemshak Group (Lower–Middle Jurassic) of the Binalud Mountains, NE Iran: stratigraphy, depositional environments and geodynamic implications, M Wilmsen, F T Fürsich & J Taheri
The Mid-Cimmerian tectonic event (Bajocian) in the Alborz Mountains, northern Iran: evidence of the break-up unconformity of the South Caspian Basin, F T Fürsich, M Wilmsen, K Seyed-Emami & M R Majidifard
Stratigraphy, depositional environments and geodynamic significance of the Upper Bajocian–Bathonian Kashafrud Formation, NE Iran, J Taheri, F T Fürsich & M Wilmsen
Subsidence and uplift mechanisms within the South Caspian Basin: insights from the onshore and offshore Azerbaijan region, S S Egan, J Mosar, M-F Brunet & T Kangarli
Sedimentation and subsidence in the South Caspian Basin, Azerbaijan, T Green, N Abdullayev, J Hossack, G Riley & A M Roberts
The Cimmerian evolution of the Nakhlak–Anarak area, central Iran, and its bearing for the reconstruction of the history of the Eurasian margin, A Zanchi, S Zanchetta, E Garzanti, M Balini, F Berra, M Mattei & G Muttoni
The Triassic stratigraphic succession of Nakhlak (central Iran), a record from an active margin, M Balini, A Nicora, F Berra, et al.
An overview of the stratigraphy and facies development of the Jurassic system on the Tabas Block, east-central Iran, M Wilmsen, F T Fürsich, K Seyed-Emami, & M R Majidifard



sold Hinsbergen, D.J.J. van, et al. (eds.) - Collision and collapse at the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia subduction zone. - 2009. Geological Society London Special Publ. 311; 368 pp., many fig./phot., some col. Orig. boards, new and in stock. 1.02 kg. [List price GBP 95] € 50     





Tectonic Aspects of the Alpine-Dinaride-Carpathian System.

2008. London, Geological Society Special Publication  298; 456 pp. numerous fig./phot. Hardcover, condition as new. 1,2 kg.

€  68    




Fishes and the Break-up of Pangaea.

2008. London, Geological Society Special Publication  295; 396 pp. numerous fig./phot. Hardcover, condition as new. 1,1 kg

€  60

• Peter L. Forey, B Gardiner & A Longbottom
• Fishes and the Break-up of Pangaea: an introduction, L Cavin, A Longbottom & M Richter
Setting up Pangaea: Triassic

• New eugeneodontid sharks from the Lower Triassic Sulphur Mountain Formation of Western Canada, R J Mutter & A G Neuman
• The first Triassic lungfish from South America (Santa Maria Formation, Parana´ Basin) and its bearing on geological correlations within Pangaea, M Richter & C E V Toledo
The Break-up of Pangaea: Jurassic and Cretaceous
• Diversity and biogeography patterns of Late Jurassic neoselachians (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii), J Kriwet & S Klug
• The varasichthyid and other crossognathiform fishes, and the Break-up of Pangaea, G Arratia
• Hybodont sharks from the lower Cretaceous Khok Kraut Formation of Thailand, and hybodont diversity during the Early Cretaceous, G Cuny, V Suteethorn, S Kamha & E Buffetaut
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• Cretaceous characiform fishes (Teleostei: Ostariophysi) from Northern Tethys: description of new material from the Maastrichtian of Provence (Southern France) and palaeobiogeographical implications, O Otero, X Valentin & G Garcia
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Birth of the modern world: the Tertiary
• Osteoglossomorpha: phylogeny, biogeography, and fossil record and the significance of key African and Chinese fossil taxa, M V H Wilson & A M Murray
• Fossil Mooneyes (Teleostei: Hiodontiformes, Hiodontidae) from the Eocene of western North America, with a reassessment of their taxonomy, E J Hilton.& L Grande
• Osteoglossomorphs of the marine Lower Eocene of Denmark – with remarks on other
• Eocene taxa and their importance for palaeobiogeography, N Bonde
• New information on the cranial anatomy of the eel genus Echelus Rafinesque, 1810 (Ophichthidae: Anguilliformes) from the Early Eocene, S V T Young & R J Williams
• Fossil Cypriniformes from China and its adjacent areas and their palaeobiogeographical implications, M-M Chang & G Chen
• Can the comparative study of the morphology and histology of the scales of Latimeria menadoensis and L. chalumnae (Sarcopterygii: Actinistia, Coelacanthidae) bring new insight on the taxonomy and the biogeography of recent coelacanthids? F J Meunier, M V Erdmann, Y Fermon & R L Caldwell





West Gondwana. Pre-Cenozoic correlation across the South Atlantic region.

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The Role of Women in the History of Geology.

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Devonian events and correlations.

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Palaeozoic reefs and bioaccumulations. Climatic and evolutionary controls.

2007. London, Geological Society Special Publication 275; 304 pp. many fig./phot. Orig. illustr. boards, as new.

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Fabric transitions from shell accumulations to reefs: an introduction with Palaeozoic examples. - J J Alvaro, M Aretz, F Boulvain, A Munnecke, D Vachard and E Vennin

Lower Cambrian shelled phosphorites from the northern Montagne Noire, France. - S Clausen and J J Alvaro

Anatomy of the Early Cambrian 'La Sentinella' reef complex, Serra Scoris, SW Sardinia, Italy. - A Gandin, F Debrenne and M Debrenne

Botoman (Lower Cambrian) turbid- and clear-water reefs and associated environments from the High Atlas, Morocco. - J J Alvaro and S Clausen

A mixed ophiuroid-stylophoran assemblage (Echinodermata) from the Middle Ordovician (Llandeilian) of western Brittany, France. - A W Hunter, B Lefebvre, S Regnault, P Roussel and R Claverie

Micritic fabrics define sharp margins of Wenlock patch reefs (middle Silurian) in Gotland and England. - S Kershaw, Y Li and L Guo

Siluro-Devonian Alpine reefs and pavements. - B Hubmann and T Suttner

Sedimentology and magnetic susceptibility of the Upper Eifelian – Lower Givetian (Middle Devonian) in SW Belgium: insights into carbonate platform initiation. - C Mabille and F Boulvain

Frasnian carbonate mounds from Belgium: sedimentology and palaeoceanography. - F Boulvain

Late Frasnian phillipsastreid biostromes in Belgium. - E Poty and E Chevalier

After the collapse of stromatoporid-coral reefs - the Famennian and Dinantian reefs of Belgium: much more than Waulsortian mounds. - M Aretz and E Chevalier

The late Atokan (Moscovian, Pennsylvanian) chaetetid accumulations of Sierra Agua Verde, Sonora (NW Mexico): composition, facies and palaeoenvironmental signals. - E Almazan-Vazquez, B Buitron-Sanchez, D Vachard, C Mendoza-Madera and C Gomez-Espinosa

A late Atokan regional encrinite (early late Moscovian, Middle Pennsylvanian) in the Sierra Agua Verde, Sonora state, NW Mexico. - B Buitron-Sanchez, C Gomez-Espinosa, E Almazan-Vazquez and D Vachard

Coelobiontic communities in neptunian fissures of synsedimentary tectonic origin in Permian reef, southern Urals, Russia. - E Vennin
Permian reef and shelf carbonates of the Arabian platform and Neo-Tethys as recorders of climatic and oceanographic changes. - O Weidlich

Late Permian limestones and the Permian-Triassic boundary: new biostratigraphic, palaeobiogeographical, and geochemical data in Caucasus and eastern Europe. - J M Thery, D Vachard and E Dransart

Estimation of palaeoenvironmental changes: can analysis of distribution of tabulae in tabulates be a tool? - M K Zapalski, B Hubert and B Mistiaen  





Building Stone Decay: From Diagnosis to Conservation.

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Mechanisms of activity and unrest at large calderas.
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Mechanisms of Activity and Unrest at Large Calderas


Unrest in Long Valley Caldera, California, 1978–2004. - D P Hill

The Campi Flegrei Caldera: unrest mechanisms and hazards. - G De Natale, C Troise, F Pingue, G Mastrolorenzo, L Pappalardo, M Battaglia and E Boschi

Large ignimbrite eruptions and volcano-tectonic depressions in the Central Andes: a thermomechanical perspective. - S de Silva, G Zandt, R Trumbull, J G Viramonte, G Salas and N Jímenez

How the development of magma chambers affects collapse calderas: insights from an overview. - K Aizawa, V Acocella and T Yoshida

Ring faults in composite volcanoes: structures, models, and stress fields associated with their formation. - A Gudmundsson and K Nilsen

Faults and ground uplift at active calderas. - A Folch and J Gottsmann • Lateral collapse and tsunamigenic potential of marine volcanoes. - W J McGuire

Ground deformation at Campi Flegrei, Italy: implications for hazard assessment. - F Bellucci, J Woo, C R J Kilburn and G Rolandi

Volcanic hazard assessment at Campi Flegrei Caldera. - G Mastrolorenzo, L Pappalardo, C Troise, S Rossano, A Panizza, and G De Natale

The search for magma reservoirs in Long Valley Caldera: single versus distributed sources. - M Battaglia and D W Vasco

On the mechanics of caldera resurgence of  Ischia Island (southern Italy). - S Carlino, E Cubellis, G Luongo and F Obrizzo





Non-Marine Permian Biostratigraphy and Biochronology.

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Tectonics of the western Mediterranean and North Africa.

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Tectonic development of the eastern Mediterranean region.

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The History of Meteoritics and Key Meteorite Collections.

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Alluvial fans. Geomorphology, sedimentology, dynamics.

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Alluvial Fans



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High-strain zones. Structure and physical properties. -
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€ 40 

High-strain zones: laboratory perspectives on strain softening during ductile deformation. - L Burlini and D Bruhn

Shear strain localization from the upper mantle to the middle crust of the Kohistan arc (Pakistan). - J P Burg, L Arbaret, N M Chaudhry, H Dawood, S Hussain and G Zeilinger

Flow of partially molten crust and origin of detachments during collapse of the Cordilleran Orogen. - C Teyssier, E Ferr?, D L Whitney, B Norlander, O Vanderhaeghe and D Parkinson

Geometric aspects of synkinematic granite intrusion into a ductile shear zone - an example from the Yunmengshan core complex, north China. - C W Passchier, J S Zhang and J Konopasek

Laramie Peak shear system, central Laramie Mountains, Wyoming, USA: regeneration of the Archean Wyoming province during Palaeoproterozoic accretion. - P G Resor and A W Snoke

Seismic and aseismic weakening effects in transtension: field and microstructural observations on the mechanics and architecture of a large fault zone in SE Tibet. - M A Edwards and L Ratschbacher

Magnetic fabric and microstructure of a mylonite: example from the Bitterroot shear zone, western Montana. - D Sidman, E Ferre, C Teyssier and M Jackson

Electrical conductivity images of active and fossil fault zones. - O Ritter, A Hoffmann-Rothe, P A Bedrosian, U Weckmann and V Haak

High temperature and pressure seismic properties of a lower crustal prograde shear zone from the Kohistan Arc, Pakistan. - L Burlini, L Arbaret, G Zeilinger and J P Burg

Damage and recovery of calcite rocks deformed in the cataclastic regime. - A Schubnel, J Fortin, L Burlini and Y Gu?guen

Effects of bedding and foliation on mechanical anisotropy, damage evolution and failure mode. - P Baud, L Louis, C David, G C Rawling and T-F Wong

Experimental deformation of flint in axial compression. - D Mainprice and M Paterson

High-strain deformation tests on natural gypsum aggregates in torsion. - V Barberini, L Burlini, E H Rutter and M Dapiaggi

The effect of grain size and melt distributions on the rheology of partially molten olivine aggregates. - D Bruhn, D L Kohlstedt and K-H Lee

Influence of phyllosilicates on fault strength in the brittle - ductile transition: insights from rock analogue experiments. - A R Niemeijer and C J Spiers

Creep constitutive laws for rocks with evolving structure. - B Evans

Initiation of basement thrust detachments by fault zone reaction weakening. - C A J Wibberley

Geochemical variations and element transfer during shear zone development and related episyenites at middle crust depths: insights from the Mont Blanc granite (French-Italian Alps). - M Rossi, Y Rolland, O Vidal and S F Cox

Water distribution in dynamically recrystallized quartz grains: cathodoluminescence and micro-infrared spectroscopic mappings. - J Muto, H Nagahama and T Hashimoto

Application of geographical information systems to shape-fabric analysis. - F J Fern?ndez, R Men?ndez-Duarte, J Aller and F Bastida

Rigid polygons in shear. - D W Schmid

Strain localization conditions in porous rock using a two yield surface constitutive model. - K A Issen and V Challa





Cryospheric Systems: Glaciers and Permafrost.

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History of Palaeobotany.

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Origin and evolution of the Ontong Java Plateau.

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SOLD The application of ichnology to palaeoenvironmental and stratigraphic analysis.

2004. London, Geological Society Special Publication  228; 496 pp. numerous fig./phot. Hardcover, illustr. boards, as new.

€  65


It has been increasingly realized by sedimentologists in the petroleum industry and academia that integration of ichnological information into sedimentological models, and vice versa, is one of the main means by which we can improve our understanding of ancient depositional environments. This volume aims to provide an analytical review of the ichnology of all major depositional environments and the use of ichnology in biostratigraphic and sequence stratigraphic analysis, as well as highly refined palaeoenvironmental studies. The remit of the book is achieved through a combination of review articles and novel research papers that outline methodologies and protocols for improving our understanding of ancient palaeoenvironments. Trace fossils from microscopic borings to dinosaur footprints are considered.


Some ichnological concepts, methodologies, applications and frontiers, D McIlroy • Stratigraphic applications of substrate-specific ichnofacies: Delineating discontinuities in the rock record, S G Pemberton, J A MacEachern and T Saunders • Recent and sub-recent microborings from the upwelling area off Mauritania (West Africa) and their implications for palaeoecology, I Glaub • Climatic control of trace fossil distribution in the marine realm, R Goldring, G C Cadee, A D'Alessandro, J M Gibert, R De Jenkins and J E Pollard • A new approach to the analysis and interpretation of tracks: Examples from the Dinosauria, P L Manning • Phanerozoic history of deep-sea trace fossils, A Uchman • A re-evaluation of the relationship between trace fossils and dysoxia, K D Martin • Ichnology of Carboniferous tide-influenced environments and tidal flat variability in the North American Midcontinent, M G Mangano and L A Buatois • Differentiation of estuarine & offshore marine deposits using integrated ichnology & sedimentology, Permian Pebbley Beach Formation, Sydney Basin, Australia, K Bann, C R Fielding, J A MacEachern and S C Tye • Palaeoecology of the Bright Angel Shale in the eastern Grand Canyon, Arizona USA, incorporating sedimentological, ichnological and palynological data, C T Baldwin, P K Strother, J H Beck and E Rose • Ichnofabrics & sedimentary facies of a tide-dominated delta: Jurassic Ile Formation of Kristin Field, Haltenbanken, offshore Mid-Norway, D McIlroy • An integrated ichnological and sedimentological comparison of non-deltaic shoreface and subaqueous delta deposits in Permian reservoir units of Australia, K L Bann and C R Fielding • Animal-substrate interactions in freshwater environments: applications of ichnology in facies and sequence stratigraphic analysis of fluvio-lacustrine successions, L A Buatois and M G Mangano • Trace fossil distribution in lacustrine deltas: Examples from the Triassic rift lakes of the Ischigualasto - Villa Union Basin, Argentina, R N Melchor • An approach to the description and interpretation of ichnofabrics in palaeosols, J F Genise, E S Bellosi and M G Gonzalez • Development of early Palaeozoic ichnofabrics: Evidence from shallow marine siliciclastics, M L Droser, S Jensen and J G Gehling • Trace fossils in the aftermath of mass extinction events, R J Twitchett and C G Barras • Ichnotaxonomy and ichnostratigraphy of chambered trace fossils in palaeosols attributed to coleopterans, ants and termites, J F Genise • A stratigraphy of marine bioerosion, R G Bromley •



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Confined Turbidite Systems



Deep-Water Sedimentation in the Alpine Basin of SE France.

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Ophiolites in earth history.

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Buffetaut, E. & J.M. Mazin - Evolution and Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs. - 2003. London, Geol. Soc. Spec. Publ. 217; 354 pp. illustr. Hardcover, new. € 60

Evolution and Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs 

Evolution and palaeobiology of pterosaurs, E Buffetaut and J-M Mazin

•A Late Triassic pterosaur from the Northern Calcareous Alps (Tyrol, Austria), P Wellnhofer

• New morphological observations on Triassic pterosaurs, F M Dalla Vecchia

• A new scaphognathine pterosaur from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of Wyoming, USA, K Carpenter, D Unwin, K Cloward and C Miles

• A new crested ornithocheirid from the Lower Cretaceous of northeast Brazil and the unusual death of an unusual pterosaur, E Frey, D M Martill and M-C Buchy

• A new species of tapejarid pterosaur with soft-tissue head crest, E Frey, D M Martill and M-C Buchy

• Pterosaur (Pteranodontoidea, Pterodactyloidea), scapulo-coracoid from the Early Cretaceous of Venezuela, A W A Kellner and J M Moody

• A new azhdarchid pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous phosphates of Morocco, X Pereda Suberbiola, N Bardet, S Jouve, M Iarochene, B Bouya and M Amaghzaz

• Giant azhdarchid pterosaurs from the terminal Cretaceous of Transylvania (western Romania), E Buffetaut, D Grigorescu and Z Csiki

• Pterosaur phylogeny and comments on the evolutionary history of the group, A W A Kellner

• On the phylogeny and evolutionary history of pterosaurs, D Unwin • Morphological evolution of the pectoral girdle of pterosaurs: myology and function, S C Bennett

• The detailed anatomy of Rhamphorhynchus: axial pneumaticity and its implications, N Bonde and P Christiansen

• New specimens of Pterosauria (Reptilia) with soft parts with implications for pterosaurian anatomy and locomotion, E Frey, H Tischlinger, M-C Buchy and D M Martill

• Middle- and bottom-decker Cretaceous pterosaurs: unique designs in active flying vertebrates, E Frey, M-C Buchy and D M Martill

• Pterosaur tracks from the latest Campanian Cerro Del Pueblo Formation of southeastern Coahuila, Mexico, R A Rodriguez De La Rosa

• Ichnological evidence for quadrupedal locomotion in pterodactyloid pterosaurs: trackways from the Late Jurassic of Crayssac (southwestern France), J-M Mazin, J-P Billon-Bruyat, P Hantzpergue and G Lafaurie

• Pterosaur swim tracks and other ichnological evidence of behavior and ecology, M G Lockley and J L Wright

• The systematic problem of tetrapod ichnotaxa: the case study ofPteraichnus Stokes, 1957 (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea), J-P Billon-Bruyat and J-M Mazin

• The John Quekett sections and the earliest pterosaur histological studies, L Steel

• Histovariability in bones of two pterodactyloid pterosaurs from the Santana Formation, Araripe Basin, Brazil: Preliminary Results, J M Sayao




Subsurface sediment mobilization.

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Subsurface Sediment Mobilization


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Volcano-ice Interaction on Earth and Mars.

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New perspectives on the Old Red Sandstone.

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Evolutionary biology of the Bivalvia.

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Deformation of glacial materials.

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Tectonics and magmatism in Turkey and the surrounding area.

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Holocene land - ocean interaction and environmental change around the North Sea.

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The Proto-Andean margin of Gondwana.

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Petroleum Geology of the Irish Sea and Adjacent Areas




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