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Papers from Tectonophysics

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Vols. 241 and higher




Tectonophysics, Special issues



Vol. 3



Experimental rock deformation of crystalline rocks.

1966, Special issue Tectonophysics 3-4; pp. 249-367, 42 fig. 19 double page photoplts. Orig. wrps. lg8vo.

€  15.00


Vol. 4



Age and nature of the Circum-Pacific orogenesis.

1969, Special issue Tectonophysics 4-4/6; pp. 315-624. Orig. wrps.

€  20.00


Vol. 7



Deep-seated foundations of geological phenomena.

1969, Spec. iss. tectonophysics 7-5/6; pp. 357-610, many figs. Collection of 30 papers and abstract on 4 topics: I. Mantle-crust relations, II. Origin of basaltic and ultramafic rocks, III. Ocean floors, IV. Tectonics of continental masses. Orig. wrps.

€  15.00



Vol. 33



Ancient platemargins.

1976, Special issue: Tectonophysics 33-3/4; pp. 215-388, many figs. Orig. wrps.

€  18.00


Vol. 16 - 1973


Vol. 16 iss. 1/2


Fold morphology and some geometrical implications of theories of fold development

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 1-46

P.J. Hudleston


A Scale problem in paleo-strain analysis

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 47-54

W.M. Schwerdtner


The development of fold axes oblique to the regional trend

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 55-70

David J. Sanderson


Experimental observations on rock fracture at pressures up to 7 kbar and the implications for earthquake faulting

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 71-87

O. Edmond, S.A.F. Murrell


Determination of strain ellipses from deformed ammonoids

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 89-101

B.K. Tan


A Bouguer gravity map of Nigeria

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 103-106,109-115

Deborah Enilo Ajakaiye, Kevin Burke


The structure and origin of areas of anomalously low-intensity finite deformation in the basement gneiss complex of the outer hebrides

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 117-140

Michael Peter Coward



16-3/4 1973



Plate tectonics and lateral velocity gradients

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 145-154

Harsh K. Gupta


The plate-tectonics concept and the geological structure of the Carpathians

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 155-161

D.P. R?dulescu, M. S?ndulescu


Interpretation of some magnetic anomalies over Iceland

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 163-187

J.D.A. Piper


An analysis of “Single-layer” folds developed experimentally in viscous media

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 189-214

P.J. Hudleston


Stress distribution during formation of boudinage and pressure shadows

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 215-248

Karl-Erik Strömgĺrd


Strain modification of angular density distributions

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 249-261

W.H. Owens


The geometric effects of volume change during deformation processes

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 263-277

John G. Ramsay, Dennis S. Wood


Strain measurements from deformed quartz grains in the slaty rocks from the ardennes and the northern Eifel

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 16; pp. 279-296

Dhruba Mukhopadhyay



Vol. 17 - 1973





Relationship between shallow and deep seismicity in the western Pacific region

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 1-22

Kiyoo Mogi


The rotation of Iberia; Caenozoic palaeomagnetism from Portugal

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 23-39

K.M. Storetvedt


Newer paleomagnetic results of the Deccan traps, India

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 41-59

H. Wensink


Studies of microtectonics, anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and paleomagnetism of the Permian Dome de Barrot (France): Paleotectonic and paleosedimentological implications

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 61-72


An unstable tetrahedral mantle-convection model, continental drift, and polar ice sheets

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 73-88

T. Hughes


The analysis and interpretation of minor folds developed in the Moine rocks of Monar, scotland

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 89-132

P.J. Hudleston


Compression and simple shear of test models with rigid and deformable inclusions

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 133-175

S.K. Ghosh, S. Sengupta





Layer shortening and fold-shape development in the buckling of single layers

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 299-321

Peter J. Hudleston, Ove Stephansson


Etudes paleomagnetiques de quelques formations Permiennes et Triasiques dans les Alpes Occidentales (France)

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 323-335

M Westphal


Tertiary plate tectonics and high-pressure metamorphism in New Caledonia

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 337-358

R.N. Brothers, M.C. Blake Jr.


Synsedimentary tectonics of the Palaeozoic of the Drahany Upland (Sudeticum, Moravia, Czechoslovakia)

 - 1973. Tectonophysics 17; pp. 359-383,389-391

Jaroslav Dvo?ák



Vol. 18 - 1973





Thermal aspects of sea-floor spreading and the nature of the oceanic crust

- 1973. Tectonophysics 18; pp. 1-17

Y. Bottinga, C.J. Allegre


Relationship of gravity anomalies and tectonics in Assam, India

- 1973. Tectonophysics 18; pp. 19-31

R.K. Verma, R.P. Gupta


Geodynamic models for the Alpine type of orogeny (Test-case II: the Alps in central Europe)

- 1973. Tectonophysics 18; pp. 33-46,49-79

R.W. Van Bemmelen


Ramsay, D.M. & B.A. Sturt -

An analysis of noncylindrical and incongruous fold pattern from the Eo-Cambrian rocks of Söröy, northern Norway: I. Noncylindrical, incongruous and aberrant folding & II. The significance of synfold stretching lineation in the evolution of noncylindrical folds.

- 1973. Tectonophysics 18; pp. 81-121


Palaeomagnetism of Upper Bhander Sandstones from Central India and implications for a tentative Cambrian Gondwanaland reconstruction

- 1973. Tectonophysics 18; pp. 123-145

C.T. Klootwijk


The torsional shear strength of granodiorite and dunite under near-homogeneous confining stress to about 90 kbar, 2

- 1973. Tectonophysics 18; pp. 147-165

A.A. Giardini, A.E. Abey


Problems of the tectonophysical characteristics of stresses, deformations, fractures and deformation mechanisms of the earth's crust

- 1973. Tectonophysics 18; pp. 167-187,191-205

M.V. Gzovsky, A.S. Grigoryev, O.I. Gushchenko, A.V. Mikhailova, A.A. Nikonov, D.N. Osokina



Vol. 19 - 1973




On tectonophysical interpretation of recent vertical crustal movements

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 1-19

M.V. Gzovsky, A.A. Nikonov


Continent-ocean differences and a differentiation of the earth

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 21-37

Yu.M. Scheinmann


The prograde microfabric in a deformed quartzite sequence, Mount Isa, Australia

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 39-81

C.J.L. Wilson





Geochronology of West Indonesia and its implication on plate tectonics

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 195-212

John A. Katili


The evolution of Central Asiatic geosynclines through sea-floor spreading

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 213-232

L.P. Zonenshain


Derivation and evaluation of a mechanical model for sheet intrusions

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 233-269

David D. Pollard


Buckling stability of a viscous single-layer system, oblique to the principal compression

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 271-289

Susan H. Treagus





Young volcanism in the Calimani-Harghita mountains (East Carpathians): Evidence of a paleoseismic zone

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 299-313

M Boccaletti, P Manetti, A Peccerillo, S Peltz


Comparison between deformation deduced from the analysis of recent faults and from focal mechanisms of earthquakes (An example: The Paphos region, Cyprus)

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 315-332

J Mercier, P Vergely, N Delibassis


Geomorphic and seismic evidence for recent activity on the Doruneh Fault, Iran

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 333-341

J.S Tchalenko, M Berberian, H Behzadi


Upper-mantle structure and nature of deep processes in island arcs and trench systems

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 343-359

P.M Sychev


P-wave travel-time anomalies: Aleutian-Alaska region

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 361-367

N.N Biswas


Concentration of earthquake energy in and around the Aegean volcanic belt

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 369-381

P Hédervári


In-Situ strain measurement by photoelastic bar gages, 1. The method

- 1973. Tectonophysics 19; pp. 383-397

Anton Brown


Vol. 21 - 1974




Temperatures in a convecting upper mantle

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 1-13

J.Cl. de Bremaecker


Thermal aspects of sea-floor spreading, and the nature of the suboceanic lithosphere

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 15-38

Van Bottinga


Ultrasonic pulse velocity as a rock stress sensor

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 39-45

M.T Gladwin, F.D Stagey


Earthquake mechanisms and plate tectonics in the Himalayan region

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 47-56

B.K. Rastogi


Crustal downfolding associated with igneous activity

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 57-77

D. Bridgwater, J. Sutton, J. Watterson


Palaeomagnetic results from some Panchet clay beds, Karanpura coalfield, northeastern India

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 79-92

C.T Klootwijk


Kinematics of transform and transcurrent faults

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 93-134

Raphael Freund


Photoelastic measurement of recoverable strain at four sites

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 135-164

Anton Brown


Deformed lineations as finite-strain structures

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 165-179

Richard J. Lisle





Palaeomagnetic data from the Precambrian Gwalior traps, Central India

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 181-195

C.T. Klootwijk


On the forces not moving lithospheric plates

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 197-202

S.K. Runcorn


Experimental studies relating to microfracture in sandstone

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 203-247

J.J. Gallagher Jr, M. Friedman, J. Handin, G.M. Sowers


Strain distribution in superposed buckling folds and the problem of reorientation of early lineations

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 249-272

Subir Kumar Ghosh


On the pressure dependence of strength of rocks and the coulomb fracture criterion

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 273-285

Kiyoo Mogi


The relationship between principal stress directions and the geometry of kinks in foliated rocks

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 287-300

N.C. Gay, L.E. Weiss





A theory of concentric, kink, and sinusoidal folding and of monoclinal flexuring of compressible, elastic multilayers: I. Introduction

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 301-339

Arvid M. Johnson, Stephenson D. Ellen


Long-period ground motion in the epicentral area of major earthquakes

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 341-356

Hiroo Kanamori


Le detroit sardano-tunisien et la zone de fracture nord-tunisienne

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 357-374

J.M. Auzende, J.L. Olivet, J. Bonnin


Paleomagnetism and the alpine tectonics of Eurasia V: The paleomagnetism of some mesozoic and cenozoic volcanic rocks from the lebanon

 - 1974. Tectonophysics 21; pp. 375-395

C.B Gregor, S Mertzman, A.E.M Nairn, J Negendank



Vol 22 - 1974




Australian palaeomagnetism and the Phanerozoic plate tectonics of eastern Gondwanaland. -

1974. Tectonophysics 22; pp. 1-29

M.W. McElhinny, B.J.J. Embleton


Paleomagnetism in Greece: Indications for relative block movement. -

1974. Tectonophysics 22; pp. 31-39

Rudolf Pucsher, Dieter Bannert, Kurt Fromm


Premieres datations par la methode K/Ar de quelques laves cenozoiques et quaternaires de sardaigne nord-occidentale. -

1974. Tectonophysics 22; pp. 41-57

C. Coulon, A. Demant, H. Bellon


Contribution du paleomagnetisme a l'etude des series volcaniques cenozoiques et quaternaires de sardaigne nord-occidentale: Le probleme de la derive de la sardaigne. -

1974. Tectonophysics 22; pp. 59-82

C. Coulon, A. Demant, C. Bobier


Driving forces of orogeny, with emphasis on blue-schist facies of metamorphism (test-case III: The Japan arc). -

1974. Tectonophysics 22; pp. 83-125

R.W. Van Bemmelen


Bulk finite tectonic strain estimates from the deformation of neptunian dykes. -

1974. Tectonophysics 22; pp. 127-139

Graham John Borradaile


Indo-Antarctica, Gondwanaland, and the distortion of a granulite belt. -

1974. Tectonophysics 22; pp. 141-157

A.R. Crawford


Coseismic resistivity steps. -

1974. Tectonophysics 22; pp. 159-171

Y. Yamazaki


Faulting in the Mikawa earthquake of 1945. -

1974. Tectonophysics 22; pp. 173-186

Masataka Ando




Vol 23 - 1974





Thin and layered subcontinental crust of the great Basin western north America inherited from Paleozoic marginal ocean basins?

Pages 1-15

Michael Churkin Jr., E.H. McKee


Transverse tectonics during the split of a continent: Data from the afar rift

Pages 17-29

F. Barberi, E. Bonatti, G. Marinelli, J. Varet


Heat-flow — heat-generation studies in Norway

Pages 31-48

Chandler A. Swanberg, M.D. Chessman, Gene Simmons, S.B. Smithson, G. Grřnlie, K.S. Heier


Cainozoic igneous activity in eastern australia

Pages 49-65

P. Wellman, Ian McDougall


Temporal changes in P-wave velocity in Southern California

Pages 67-78

Hiroo Kanamori, Chung Wai-ying


Anisotropy of physical properties in metamorphic rocks

Pages 79-98

L.R. Johnson, H.-R. Wenk


Probability of earthquake occurrence estimated from results of rock fracture experiments

Pages 99-103

Yukio Hagiwara


Festigkeit, verformbarkeit und gefügeregelung von anhydrit — experimentelle stauchverformung unter manteldrucken bis 5 kbar bei temperaturen bis 300°C

Pages 105-127

Peter Müller, Heinrich Siemes


A mechanism for the development of en-echelon gashes in kink zones

Pages 129-138

John A. Garnett


Stress-induced viscosity changes and the existence of dominant wavelengths in folds

Pages 139-148

Pascal De Caprariis


Island-arc and underthrust-plate geometry

Pages 149-154

Thomas L. De Fazio


The structure of Speke Gulf, Tanzania, and its relation to the East African rift system

Pages 155-175

Brian W. Darracott


Friction in faulted rock at high temperature and pressure

Pages 177-203

R.M. Stesky, W.F. Brace, D.K. Riley, P.-Y.F. Robin


Vol. 24 - 1974




Plate tectonics and volcanism in the gibraltar arc

Pages 197-212

Vicente Arana, Ramon Vegas


Relations entre kink-bands decametriques et fractures de socle dans l'Hercynien des Monts d'Ougarta (Sahara Occidental, Algerie)

Pages 213-242

Pierre Collomb, Michel Donzeau


Deformation of particles developed around rigid and deformable nuclei

Pages 243-257

B.K. Tan


Fold nappes as asymmetric mantled gneiss domes and ensialic orogeny

Pages 259-276

C.J. Talbot


Microfracturing and faulting in a limestone

Pages 277-285

William A. Olsson





An energy calculation concerning the roundness of folds

Pages 291-316

M.B. Bayly


Surface features associated with transform faults: A comparison between observed examples and an experimental model

Pages 317-329

Vincent Courtillot, Paul Tapponnier, Jacques Varet


Three-dimensional gravity interpretation of the dutsen-wai complex, nigerian younger granite province

Pages 331-341

D.E. Ajakaiye, J.F. Sweeney


Geomagnetic induction anomalies along the Hyderabad—Kalingapatnam profile

Pages 343-350

B.J. Srivastava, D.S. Bhaskara Rao, S.N. Prasad


Vol. 25 - 1975





Polar motion of a triaxial earth and dynamic plate tectonics

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 1-40

Pan Cheh


Basalt geochemistry used to investigate past tectonic environments on Cyprus

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 41-67

J.A. Pearce


Possibility of a major earthquake in the tokai district, Japan and its pre-estimated seismotectonic effects

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 69-85

Masataka Ando


Deformation and recrystallisation of orthopyroxene from the giles complex, Central Australia

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 87-114

M.A. Etheridge


Palaeomagnetism of upper permian red beds in the Wardha Valley, Central India

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 115-137

C.T. Klootwijk


Les decrochements tardi-hercyniens du sud-ouest de l'europe. Geometrie et essai de reconstitution des conditions de la deformation

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 139-141,145-171

F. Arthaud, Ph. Matte





A numerical investigation of the thermal state of the earth's mantle

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 177-186

D.J. Andrews


On the P-wave velocity and plate-tectonics implications for the Tyrrhenian deep-earthquake zone

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 187-200

A. Bottari, E.Lo Giudice


The palaeomagnetism and geology of the Patreksfjördur-Arnarfjördur region of Northwest Iceland

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 201-205,207-216

L. Kristjánsson, R. Pätzold, J. Preston


Experimental studies of granitoid rocks near the San Andreas fault zone in the Coast and Transverse Ranges and Mojave Desert, California

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 217-231

A.J. Piwinskii


Kinematic interpretation of folds in alpine-type peridotites

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 233-260

A. Nicolas, F. Boudier


A theory of concentric, kink, and sinusoidal folding and of monoclinal flexuring of compressible, elastic multilayers: II. Initial stress and nonlinear equations of equilibrium

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 261-280

Arvid M. Johnson, Elmont Honea


Reflections on the rigidity of the Lut Block and recent crustal deformation in eastern Iran

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 281-301

A. Mohajer-Ashjai, H. Behzadi, M. Berberian


On the origin of ophiolite complexes in the southern Tethys region

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 25; pp. 303-322

R. Stoneley


Vol. 26 - 1975


26-1/2 (1975)


Statistics of ultimate strain of the earth's crust and probability of earthquake occurrence

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 1-21

Tsuneji Rikitake


Paleomagnetism of early Aphebian diabase dykes from the slave structural province, Canada

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 23-38

J.C. Mcglynn, E. Irving


North Sea troughs and plate tectonics

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 39-54

Arthur Whiteman, David Naylor, Richard Pegrum, Rees Graham


The seismicity of the norwegian and Greenland Seas and adjacent continental shelf areas

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 55-70

E.S. Husebye, H. Gjřystdal, H. Bungum, O. Eldholm


Late Cenozoic evolution of the Pannonian basin

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 71-90

L. Stegena, B. Géczy, F. Horváth


A stochastic model of earthquake occurrence and the accompanying horizontal land deformation

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 91-101

Yukio Hagiwara


Temperature-depth profiles in Czechoslovakia and some adjacent areas derived from heat-flow measurements, deep seismic sounding and other geophysical data

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 103-119

Vladimír Cermák


Upper-mantle structure under the Arabian peninsula

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 121-134

L Knopoff, A.A Fouda


Palaeomagnetic correlations of Precambrian formations of east-central Africa and their tectonic implications

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 135-161

J.D.A. Piper26-3/4


Volcanism and plate tectonics in the Indonesian island arcs

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 165-188

John A. Katili


Some new evidence on lithospheric bulges close to island arcs

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 189-196

Jacques Dubois, Jean Launay, Jacques Recy


Tectonic evolution of Taiwan

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 197-212

Veichow C. Juan


The Sumba fracture: A major discontinuity between eastern and western Indonesia

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 213-228

M.G. Audley-Charles


Systematics of large-scale tectonics and age progressions in Alpine and Circum-Pacific blueschist belts

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 229-246

W.G. Ernst


Mechanism of large earthquakes along the eastern margin of the Japan sea

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 247-266

Yoshio Fukao, Muneyoshi Furumoto


Post-earthquake observations at Dasht-e Bay?z, Iran

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 267-279

T.V. McEvilly, M. Niazi


The paleomagnetism of the Speckled Sandstones of Early Permian Age from the Salt Range, Pakistan

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 281-292

H. Wensink


A gravity investigation of the catazonal rock complex at Cabo Ortegal (NW Spain)

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 293-307

Ronald A. Van Overmeeren


Fabric deformation induced in Cretaceous chalks by tectonic stresses

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 26; pp. 309-316

Y. Mimran


Vol… 27 - 1975




A theory of concentric, kink, and sinusoidal folding and of monoclinal flexuring of compressible, elastic multilayers: III. Transition from sinusoidal to concentric-like to chevron folds

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 1-38

Arvid M. Johnson, Elmont Honea


The origin of the Betic orogen, southern Spain

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 39-56

W. Kampschuur, H.E. Rondeel


Data on thrusting and metamorphism in the eastern Sierra de los Filabres: Higher Nevado — Filabride units and the glaucophanitic greenschist facies

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 57-81

W Kampschuur





Tectonic complexities in the bonin arc system

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 97-118

D.E. Karig, G.F. Moore


Source mechanisms and tectonic significance of historical earthquakes along the nankai trough, Japan

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 119-140

Masataka Ando


The magnetic susceptibility anisotropy of deformed rocks from North Cornwall, England

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 141-153

J. Singh, D.J. Sanderson, D.H. Tarling


Microtectonique et anisotropie de susceptibilite magnetique du massif tonalitique des riesenferner—vedrette di ries (frontiere italo-autrichienne)

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 155-165

Bernard Henry


A model of the subsidence history of the West Coast of India

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 167-176

Surendar Kumar


Gravity study of the Djibouti area

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 177-185

J. Makris, J. Zimmermann, A. Balan, A. Lebras





A major shear zone within the Nagssugtoqidian of West Greenland

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 191-209

Jens Bak, John Korstgĺrd, Kai Sřrensen


Repartition non orthogonale des sens du premier mouvement des ondes P

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 211-222

H. Legros, P. Hoang Trong


Static and dynamic fault parameters of the Saitama earthquake of July 1, 1968

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 223-238

Katsuyuki Abe


Viscous components in Jura folding

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 239-254

H.P. Laubscher


Experiments on superimposed buckle folding

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 255-270

Lilian Skjernaa


Plastic-deformati on mechanisms in quartz: The effect of water

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 271-294

James D. Blacic





Cataclastic deformation of geological materials in matrices of differing composition: I. Pebbles and conglomerates

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 303-322

N.C. Gay, J.C. Jaeger


Cataclastic deformation of geological materials in matrices of differing composition: II. Boudinage

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 323-331

N.C. Gay, J.C. Jaeger


Fold propagation in single embedded layers

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 333-351

P.R. Cobbold


Seismicity of the Tanzania region

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 353-379

Markus Bĺth


The seismicity and tectonics of Uganda

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 27; pp. 381-393

Ntungwa Maasha


Vol. 28 - 1975




Foreshocks and earthquake prediction

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 28; pp. 213-226

B.C. Papazachos


Effect of fabric anisotropy on compressional-wave propagation in various metamorphic rocks for the range 20–700°C at 2 kbars

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 28; pp. 227-244

H. Kern, M. Fakhimi


The geometry of en-echelon vein arrays

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 28; pp. 245-263

Alastair Beach


The change of shape of a viscous ellipsoidal region embedded in a slowly deforming matrix having a different viscosity

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 28; pp. 265-274

B.A. Bilby, J.D. Eshelby, A.K. Kundu


Horizontal inhomogeneities in the upper mantle of the carpathians and caucasus

 - 1975. Tectonophysics 28; pp. 275-291

L.P. Vinnik, E. Lenartovich


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Vol. 153 - 1988



The Gulf of Suez and Red Sea rifting.

1988, Special issue Tectonophysics 153-1/4; 320 pp. Orig. wrps.

€  25.00



Vol. 156 - 1988





Dual polarity magnetizations from the upper devonian McAras Brook formation, Nova Scotia, and their implications for the North American apparent polar wander path.

Pages 179-191

Carola Stearns, Rob Van Der Voo


Twelve years of geophysical research in the Charlevoix seismic zone.

Pages 193-224

G.G.R Buchbinder, A Lambert, R.D Kurtz, D.R Bower, F.M Anglin, J Peters


Seismicity of the Panama Block, II: spatial attenuation of seismic intensities.

Pages 225-237

A.Vergara Muńoz


Steady state geothermal model of the crust and the problem of the boundary conditions: application to a rift system, the southern Rhinegraben.

Pages 239-255

J.J. Royer, M. Danis


Premonitory burst of seismicity and its significance for predicting large Aegean earthquakes.

Pages 257-265

Gerassimos A. Papadopoulos


Rg waves from rockbursts in South Africa.

Pages 267-273

A. Shapira


Tectonic style and mechanism of early proterozoic successor basin development, Southern Africa.

Pages 275-291

C.W. Clendenin, E.G. Charlesworth, S. Maske


Examples of strike-slip tectonics on platform-basin margins.

Pages 293-302

Carlo Doglioni


Application of Fourier analysis for computer representation of fold profiles.

Pages 303-311

C.W. Stowe




Vol. 157 - 1989




The Grenville Front south of Val-d'Or, Quebec.

Pages 221-239

A. Indares, J. Martignole


Fission-track evidence of the Cenozoic thermal history of the Idaho batholith.

Pages 241-250

Donald S. Sweetkind, David D. Blackwell


Lower crustal seismic velocities from Lofoten-Vesterĺlen, North Norway.

Pages 251-269

P.N. Chroston, S.G. Brooks


From pull-apart to the rifting process: the formation of the Pannonian Basin.

Pages 271-280

F. Bergerat


Shear wave polarization anisotropy observed in a rift zone in Japan.

Pages 281-300

S. Kaneshima, H. Ito, M. Sugihara


A semi-empirical analysis of hypocenter mislocations.

Pages 301-313

A. Shapira, A. Du Plessis


Magma mingling, zoning and emplacement in calc-alkaline granitoid plutons.

Pages 315-329

M.J Zorpi, C Coulon, J.B Orsini, C Cocirta


An optical and electron microscopy study of defect structures in naturally deformed orthopyroxene.

Pages 331-338

J.M. Steuten, H.L.M. Van Roermund



Vol. 159 - 1989



Thermal aspects of tectonics, magmatism and metamorphism.

1989, Tectonophysics 159-3/4; pp. 163-348, many figs. Orig. wrps. sm4to. Orig. wrps.

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Vol. 161 - 1989



Growth of the continental crust.

1989, Special issue Tectonophysics 161-3/4; pp. 143-352. Orig. wrps.

€  20.00




Vol. 164 - 1989




Computer simulation of growth of duplex structures.

Pages 1-12

K.M. Cruikshank, K.E. Neavel, Guo Zho Zhao


Paleomagnetism of the Triassic red beds of the lower Fundy Group and Mesozoic tectonism of the Nova Scotia platform, Canada.

Pages 13-24

D.T.A. Symons, R.E. Bormann, R.P. Jans


Seismicity and focal mechanisms at the New Britain Trench related to deformation of the lithosphere.

Pages 25-40

Patricia Cooper, Taylor Brian


Water, low-velocity zone and the descending lithosphere.

Pages 41-48

Liu Lin-Gun


Metamorphosed and dismembered ophiolite suites in the basement units of the Eastern Alps.

Pages 49-62

F. Neubauer, W. Frisch, R. Schmerold, H. Schlöser


Palynological evidence for the Quaternary rates of accumulation along the Dead Sea Rift, and structural implications.

Pages 63-71

A. Horowitz


Synthetic magnetic fabrics in a plasticene medium

Pages 73-78

G.J. Borradaile, M.A. Puumala




Vol. 166 - 1989




Basement control of structure in the Gettysburg rift basin, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Pages 281-292

Samuel I. Root


Doming mechanisms and structural development of two domes in Ramon, southern Israel.

Pages 293-315

Gidon Baer, Ze'ev Reches


Opening of the Sea of Japan back-arc basin by asthenospheric injection.

Pages 317-329

Yoshiyuki Tatsumi, Yo-Ichiro Otofuji, Takaaki Matsuda, Susumu Nohda


Tectonic history of granitic bodies in the South Fossa Magna region, central Japan: new evidence from fission-track analysis of zircon.

Pages 331-344

Hisatoshi Ito, Rasoul B. Sorkhabi, Takahiro Tagami, Susumu Nishimura




Vol. 167 - 1989





Nature of the crust under Afar: new igneous, not thinned continental.

Pages 1-11

Paul Mohr


Susehri basin: an active fault-wedge basin on the North Anatolian Fault Zone, Turkey.

Pages 13-29

A. Koçyigit


Seismic and volcanic activities and aseismic movements as plate motion components in the Aegean area.

Pages 31-39

Gerassimos A. Papadopoulos


Seismotectonics and present-day relative plate motions in the New Hebrides — North Fiji Basin region.

Pages 41-55

R Louat, B Pelletier


Confined ductile deformation in the Japan arc inferred from paleomagnetic studies.

Pages 57-73

Yasuto Itoh, Yoshihiko Ito


Brittle-ductile transition: semi-brittle behavior

Pages 75-79

John V. Ross, Peter D. Lewis



Vol. 171 - 1990



Cryptoexplosions and catastrophes in the geological record, with special focus on the Vredefort structure.

1990. Special issue Tectonophysics 171; 422 pp. many figs. Orig. wrps. sm4to.

€  28.00



Vol. 173 - 1990



Seismic probing of continents and their margins.

1990, Special issue Tectonophysics 173-1/4; 642 pp. Orig. wrps.

€  25.00




Vol. 178 - 1990





Vertical crustal movements along the East Coast, North America, from historic and late Holocene sea level data.

Pages 127-150

Vivien Gornitz, Leonardo Seeber


Relations between thrust belt evolution, grain-scale deformation, and metamorphic processes: Cape Smith Belt, northern Canada.

Pages 151-182

Stephen B. Lucas


Major geological features and lateral variation of crustal structure in southern New England.

Pages 183-192

Alan L. Kafka, James W. Skehan


Pre-folding magnetization reconfirmed for the Late Ordovician-Early Silurian Dunn Point volcanics, Nova Scotia.

Pages 193-205

Rex J.E. Johnson, Rob Van Der Voo


Magnetic susceptibility of rocks in the Nutbush Creek ductile shear zone, North Carolina.

Pages 207-223

Charles V.H. Mims, Christine A. Powell, Brooks B. Ellwood


Magnetic fabric implications for the relationships between deformation mode and grain growth in slates from the Borrowdale Volcanic Group in the English Lake District.

Pages 225-230

Bernard Henry


A palaeomagnetic study of Apennine thrusts, Italy: Monte Maiella and Monte Raparo.

Pages 231-240

K.C. Jackson


Deep crustal structure of the northern North Sea Viking Graben: results from deep reflection seismic and gravity data.

Pages 241-254

C. Fichler, J. Hospers


Estimation of in situ stresses by evaluation of time-dependent strain recovery of KTB drill cores.

Pages 255-257

K.E. Wolter, H. Berckhemer


The Havelange deep well and the 1978 Famenne seismic data (Condroz, Belgium).

Pages 259-267

J.M. Graulich, N. Vandenberghe, L. Hance


The industrial exploitation of geothermal resources in Europe.

Pages 269-276

A.S. Batchelor, J.D. Garnish


Main features of hydrogeodynamic earthquake precursors.

Pages 277-286

I.G. Kissin, A.O. Grinevsky


Seismicity of the Aegean and surrounding area.

Pages 287-308

B.C. Papazachos


Structural interpretation and tectonic evolution of a part of the Najd Shear Zone (Saudi Arabia) using Landsat thematic-mapper data.

Pages 309-315,319-333,335

Ian J. Duncan, Benoit Rivard, Raymond E. Arvidson, Mohamed Sultan


Gravity field, deep-seismic sounding and crust-mantle structure over the Cuddapah basin and Dhawar Craton of India.

Pages 337-356

R.K. Verma, Y. Satyanarayana


Stress field in the continental part of China derived from temporal variations of seismic activity.

Pages 357-372

Zhixin Zhao, Kazuo Oike, Kazuo Matsumura, Yuzo Ishikawa


Fractal analysis applied to cataclastic rocks.

Pages 373-377

Zhong Yan Zhao, Wang Yi, Xiao Han Liu


Development of microboudinage: an estimate of changing differential stress with increasing strain.

Pages 379-387

T. Masuda, T. Shibutani, M. Kuriyama, T. Igarashi




Vol. 185 - 1990





A seismic investigation of the crust and Moho underlying the Peace River Arch, Canada.

Pages 1-19

S.C. Halchuk, R.F. Mereu


Traces of Caledonian and Proterozoic crustal features in deep seismic profiles recorded between France and the British Isles.

Pages 21-36

C. Bois, J-P. Lefort, B. Le Gall, J-C. Sibuet, O. Gariel, B. Pinet, M. Cazes


The Brabant Massif as part of Armorica/Gondwana: U?Pb isotopic evidence from detrital zircons.

Pages 37-50

J. Von Hoegen, U. Kramm, R. Walter


Subduction of seamounts at the Java Trench: a view with long-range sidescan sonar.

Pages 51-65

D.G. Masson, L.M. Parson, J. Milsom, G. Nichols, N. Sikumbang, B. Dwiyanto, H. Kallagher


Equilibration temperatures and elastic wave velocities for upper mantle rocks from eastern Australia: implications for the interpretation of seismological models.

Pages 67-82

Suzanne Y. O'Reilly, Ian Jackson, Colin Bezant


Cenozoic tectonic extension and inversion of the Jizhong Basin, Hebei, northern China.

Pages 83-89

Z.Y. Zhao, B.F. Windley


Mechanism and time of deformation and metamorphism of mylonitic orthogneisses from the Shagou Shear Zone, Qinling Belt, China.

Pages 91-109

T. Reischmann, U. Altenberger, A. Kröner, G. Zhang, Y. Sun, Z. Yu


40Ar/39Ar mineral age constraints for the tectonothermal evolution of the Sambagawa metamorphic belt, central Shikoku, Japan: a Cretaceous accretionary prism.

Pages 111-139

A. Takasu, R.D. Dallmeyer


The character of the geoelectric field observed with a long electrode span.

Pages 141-151

Hiromi Takayama, Toshio Mori


Origin of a major aeromagnetic anomaly in the Middle Niger Basin, Nigeria.

Pages 153-162

S.B. Ojo


Petrology and geotectonic development of the Western Ecuadorian Andes: the Basic Igneous Complex.

Pages 163-182

H.-J. Wallrabe-adams




Vol. 186 - 1991





Theory of slickenline patterns based on the velocity gradient tensor and microrotation.

Pages 215-239

Robert J. Twiss, Gretchen M. Protzman, Stephen D. Hurst


The effect of oriented microcracks on seismic velocities in an ultramylonite.

Pages 241-251

S. Siegesmund, H. Kern, A. Vollbrecht


Blueschists and eclogites: a possible plate tectonic mechanism for their emplacement from the upper mantle.

Pages 253-268

N.L. Dobretsov


Paleomagnetism and tectonics of the Jura arcuate mountain belt in France and Switzerland.

Pages 269-278

Andreas U. Gehring, Peter Keller, Friedrich Heller


Acadian and Alleghenian remagnetization of the Jim Pond Formation, central western Maine, northern Appalachians.

Pages 279-291

Art D. Lombard, Ben A. van der Pluijm, Rob Van der Voo


Morphological and structural studies of the Society and Austral hotspot regions in the South Pacific.

Pages 293-312

N. Binard, R. Hékinian, J.L. Cheminée, R.C. Searle, P. Stoffers


Ephemeral magma chambers in the Trinity peridotite, northern California.

Pages 313-328

Mathilde Cannat, Christophe Lécuyer


From transtension to transpression along the northern Caribbean plate boundary off Cuba: implications for the Recent motion of the Caribbean plate.

Pages 329-350

Eric Calais, Bernard Mercier de Lepinay


Crustal structure of the Mamfe basin, West Africa, based on gravity data.

Pages 351-358

J.D. Fairhead, C.S. Okereke, J.M. Nnange


The Narmada-Son-Brahmaputra transform: a Mesozoic fracture zone in Gondwanic India.

Pages 359-364

N. Sen


Gravity field and deep structure of the Bengal Fan and its surrounding continental margins, northeast Indian Ocean.

Pages 365-386

Manoj Mukhopadhyay, M.R. Krishna



Vol. 187



Beyond plate tectonics.

1991, Special issue Tectonophysics 187-4; pp. 345-422. Orig. wrps.

€  10.00



Vol. 191 - 1991



Deformation and plate tectonics.

1991, Special issue Tectonophysics 191-3/4; pp. 185-449. Orig. wrps.

€  20.00



Vol. 194



Forward and inverse techniques in geothermal modelling.

1991, Special issue Tectonophysics 194-4; pp. 307-428. Orig. wrps.

€  13.00



Vol. 197



World rift systems.

1991, Special issue Tectonophysics 197-2/4; pp. 99-392. Orig. wrps.

€  22.00



Vol. 198



Red Sea: birth and early history of a new oceanic basin.

1991, Special issue Tectonophysics 198-2/4; pp. 129-468, many figs. Orig. wrps. sm4to.

€  23.00




Vol. 199 - 1991



The achievements of plate tectonics in the U.S.S.R.

1991, Spec. iss. Tectonophysics 199-2/4; pp. 137-406, many figs. Orig. wrps. sm4to.

€ 18.00