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Geology on stamps

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Geophysics, international series


- Intern. Year Quiet Sun



International Geophysical Year 1957-58

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Britis Antarctic Territory


IGY Bulgaria 1958 - 1 value complete, mint, never hinged. 4,50











IGY Colombia 1958 - 3 values complete, mint and never hinged. 2



Dominican Republic





IGY French Antarctic Territories 1957 - 3 values complete, mint, never hinged. 15



IGY French Antarctic Territories 40th anniv. 1998



IGY and Polar year commemmorations, French Antarctic Territories 1983 - 3 values, mint. 5



IGY Czechoslovakia 1957 - 3 values, complete, used. 1,50






IGY Germany - DDR 1957-58 - 3 values complete, mint, never hinged. 5




IGY Greenland 50th anniv. 2008



IGY Haiti 1958. 7 values plus bloc









IGY Netherlands Antilles 1957. 1 value, complete, mint. 1




IGY North Korea 1958. 4 values, complete. Mint, never hinged. 15











IGY Poland 1958, 2 values complete, mint, never hinged. 2



Terres Australes et Antarctiques francaises










International Year of the Quiet Sun 1964-1965


International Year of the Quiet Sun

The International Year of the Quiet Sun (IQSY) was an international scientific effort to study the sun and the other planets in the solar system during the years of 1964 and 1965, at a time of the lowest activity in the sun's 11 year cycle, with observations being made from both terrestial observatories and by spacecraft.

A series of stamps were issued between the years 1963 and 1966 to celebrate the event by around 25 different countries, with French Southern & Antarctic Territories (usually known as "TAAF" for the abreviation in French) 20fr Postage and 100fr Air stamps being the first of these stamps to be issued in 1963.

The 100fr Air is a truly iconic stamp with a magnificent vertical design by Pierre Bequet showing a series of pylons at an antarctic station with a family of Adelie Penguins standing to one side watching the Sun, which is shown as the IQSY standard logo.

Adelie Penguins can be found in well over 30 large colonies in the Ross Sea area and on the Antarctic continental coastline. They are medium sized for penguins and have the distinctive cute appearance with their black and white plumage usually associated with these lovable seabirds. They were named by the French explorer Jules Dumont d'Urville in honour of his wife, Adele.

The French Southern & Antarctic Territories (TAAF) was established in 1955 and includes the Kerguelen Islands, St Paul & Amsterdam Islands, Crozet Islands, the Scattered Islands (around the coast of Madagascar), and Adelie Land, on the main Antarctica continent. Stamps were first issued in 1955 with an overprint on Madagascar, and are especially known for their beautiful designs with many featuring the rich native wildlife, explorers, and their ships. from:



Quiet Sun Bulgaria, 1965 - 3 values complete, mint. 1,40

Nr. Michel: 1589-91


Quiet sun year 3v


Quiet Sun Central Africa, 1964 - 1 value complete, mint. 1,50

Nr. Yvert: 36

Quiet sun year 1v

Quiet Sun Cuba, 1965 - 6 values complete, mint. 6,50

Nr. Yvert: 843-48

Quiet sun year 6v Quiet sun year s/s




Quiet Sun Czechoslovakia 1964 - 7 values complete, used. 2

Quiet sun year 7v


Quiet Sun Dahomey, 1964 - 2 values complete, mint. 3



Quiet Sun Gabon, 1965 - 1 value complete, mint. 1,50



Quiet Sun Ghana, 1964 - 3 values complete, mint. 1,50

Nr. Yvert: 178





Quiet sun year s/s


Quiet Sun Hungary, 1965 - 9 values complete, mint. 4 Quiet sun year s/s


Quiet Sun Maldive Islands, 1965 - 4 values complete, mint. 3



Quiet Sun Mauritania, 1964 - 1 value complete, mint. 1

Nr. Yvert: 178



Quiet Sun Mongolia, 1964 - 8 values complete, used. 3 / mint 6

Nr. Yvert: 1332/6+A




Quiet Sun Niger, 1965 - 1 value complete, mint 1,30

Nr. Yvert: 144




Quiet Sun Nigeria, 1965 - 2 values complete, mint 1,50

Nr. Yvert: 169-70





Quiet Sun Portugal,


Quiet SunQuiet Sun


Quiet Sun Togo